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If Wishes Were Horses...

If wishes were horses, then compulsory employers contributions would be flying monkeys.

You know what? I don't think that makes any sense.

Over on Kiwiblog, Farrar is trying to claim that "Labour are officially campaigning for lower wages", because employers will offset what they have to pay into KiwiSaver by taking it out of wages.

Sure - this is correct. Labour said so explicitly. I wrote about it in detail four years ago.

Except that this money, which is taken out of wages, is then put into an account with your name on it. It is yours. It's not called "wages", it's called "employer KiwiSaver contribution". But you know what? It can be called "Flying Monkey Deposits" and it'll still be money with your name on it.

So.. instead of wages.. people will be getting money.


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