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Kat Greenbrook – From insight to action

Kat Greenbrook (@katgreenbrook) is on a mission to increase the number of data insights actioned as she sees a growing gap between analytics teams and decision makers, stemming from a breakdown in communication. 

Kat, through her own company Rogue Penguin, works across multiple industries, NZ and internationally. With both science and graphic design degrees, Kat is happiest when making data come to life.

We cover 

  • Data visualisation through graphic design
  • Branding
  • Consistent change
  • Analytics and insights

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Kai Koenig – my cat, my chickens & my wife

The lost episode. We recorded this one a while ago but unfortunately we misplaced it, until now. 

Kai Koenig (@agentK) works as a Software Solutions architect for Ventego Creative in Wellington, New Zealand. He also co-founded the company with two partners and is the CTO of Zen Ex Machina, a startup in the fields of digital & user experience consultancy based out of Canberra in Australia.

Kai's work comprises a mix of consulting, training, mentoring and actual development work using a range of technologies, common themes being Java, CFML, JavaScript, Android etc. 

Occasionally Kai writes for magazines (currently mainly Heise's iX in Germany) and in his blog, and publishes a podcast, 2 Developers Down Under, with his friend Mark Mandel (@neurotic) in the USA.

Since 2007 he's also been flying small, single-engine aeroplanes around New Zealand and sometimes Australia, currently working on his Commercial Pilot License.

Side note: “Hey, I remember Macromedia!” – Raj (I miss Freehand)

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2017 ICT Policy Election Special

Over the past few weeks we spent some time with the main party political parties and their ICT representatives in order to have them articulate their stance.

ICT representatives

We get to hear from:


  1. What is your own tech background?
  2. Can you sum up your parties ICT policy for us please?
  3. What are the 3 differences between your policy approach and the other parties?
  4. How will your policies speedup and increase the maturity of our IT deployments, specifically in government?
  5. How will your policies help the ICT industry grow and develop and take the country forward?

We then asked each MP a different 'Listener question', thanks to all that sent them in.

Thanks so much to all the party representatives, and we hope this podcast gives you more of an insight into how each of the political parties see ICT and will help you decide who to give your vote to.

ICT Policies (at time of writing)


Spreading our Kiwi stories wider, starting with Edmund Hillary Fellowship

It is with unbridled pleasure, a great deal of nervousness and unending thanks to Russell that we are happy to say, "Welcome!" to our newest channel of the Access Granted NZ, "your weekly tech and media podcast"

The "we" is currently; Raj Khuhsal who's background is in film, design, media and making things happen, and Mike Riversdale ("Miramar Mike") who has a background of explaining stuff, connecting people and getting things done.

You are here because you’re a Kiwi that either works in or has a great passion for Tech or Media in NZ.

Since 2014 we have chatted with over 120+ people sharing their stories and asking two simple question, "Why do you do what you do?" and, "How do you do it?". We will be sharing all new episodes on Public Address for you to play here, but you can also subscribe on your phone, via YouTube or many other ways.

Before we crack into this week's episode with Yoseph Ayele & Alina Siegfried you may want to check out our extemsive archive, see who's comming soon, or perhaps our curated collections such as, "Women in Tech", "CEOs and head honchos", and, "Immigrants".

Right, let's get into this week's episode ...

Growing up in Ethiopia and living in six countries has made Yoseph Ayele (@yosephayele) a global citizen driven to make positive impact through entrepreneurship. Yoseph works closely with the entrepreneurship community across NZ, Silicon Valley, and other hubs around the world.

As a former New Zealand National Poetry Slam champion and TEDx speaker, and with a diverse background in resource management, startups, communications and government, Alina Siegfried (@AliJacs) believes in the power of story above almost everything else.

Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) incubates solutions to global problems from New Zealand and make a lasting positive impact on the world. 

If you are interested in joining the cohort get to ASAP – Deadline is 1 Oct 2017