Eat, dance, love

Auckland gets its culture on. Read Post

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It's been a while

Where have you been all summer? Read Post

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Image by Nora Leggs

Pixies Heaven

Pixies play Vector Arena, Saturday 11th March 2017. Read Post

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Splore 2017: Mud for it!

The rain didn't seem to dampen anyone's fun Read Post

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After Hollywood

Aldous Harding, Bob Scott and Hera Lindsay Bird at Hollywood Avondale Read Post

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Britain: the crisis isn't Brexit, it's Labour

Speaker by Andrew Miller

For all her public denials, it never made sense that Theresa May would wait to 2020 for an election. Now’s probably as good a moment as she’ll get to grab a mandate for her vision of post-Brexit Britain. Her reasons…

Friday Music: The Inside Track

Hard News by Russell Brown

I was flattered when I was asked a while ago to make a contribution to Base FM's Cover Story II exhibition – but also a little flummoxed. The show, which launched on Wednesday, asks DJs to nominate a special record and…

Friday Music: Folk Yeah!

Hard News by Russell Brown

On the face of it, the words "BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards" might seem to beckon jokes about fairisle jumpers and and beards. Even given the reinvention of folk tropes by a new generation of artists, the words "BBC Radio…

The Brexlection

Speaker by John Palethorpe

In 1926 H.L Mencken proposed that the classical liberal solution to unaccountable democratic governance is to put more power in the hands of the voters, writing in summation "The cure for the evils of democracy is more democracy." The last…

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