It's been a while

Where have you been all summer? Read Post

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Image by Nora Leggs

Pixies Heaven

Pixies play Vector Arena, Saturday 11th March 2017. Read Post

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Splore 2017: Mud for it!

The rain didn't seem to dampen anyone's fun Read Post

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After Hollywood

Aldous Harding, Bob Scott and Hera Lindsay Bird at Hollywood Avondale Read Post

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On Ice

In which Damian goes to Antarctica. Read Post

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A touching story

Access by Fiona McKenzie

I’ve just hung up the phone from a courtesy call the guy probably really really regrets making.  He was calling from the company which has won the contract to transport our daughter Claudia, who has special needs, to and from…

YouTube and the programmatic problem

Hard News by Russell Brown

It hasn't been a good week for YouTube. It's not the content: that continues to be added at a rate of hundreds of hours of video every minute – and a billion hours of YouTube video are watched every day. It's…

The lessons of Prohibition

Hard News by Russell Brown

If Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's rich, nuanced 2011 documentary Prohibition does anything, it is to show how complex both the causes and effects of America's "Great Experiment" really were. The coalition that achieved the 18th Amendment to the US…

A war crimes inquiry; or why Nicky Hager is wrong

Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler

On Tuesday, Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson released Hit & Run: The New Zealand SAS in Afghanistan and the meaning of honour. The book details a 2010 raid in Afghanistan, carried out New Zealand SAS troop, with assistance from US air…

Friday Music: Sound and Light

Hard News by Russell Brown

I didn't go to Adele's first show in Auckland last night and, short of the freebie fairy paying a late visit , I won't be going to the others either. I don't mind Adele, but I don't have $300-a-ticket worth…

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