2017 ICT Policy Election Special

How each of the political parties see ICT Read Post

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Image by Mike Riversdale

Autumn, what autumn?

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Eat, dance, love

Auckland gets its culture on. Read Post

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It's been a while

Where have you been all summer? Read Post

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Pixies Heaven

Pixies play Vector Arena, Saturday 11th March 2017. Read Post

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The climate changed

Hard News by Russell Brown

Yesterday was not only the day a new government was announced. It was also the day that a new stocktake compiled by the Ministry for the Environment and Statistics New Zealand laid out the challenges posed to New Zealand by…

All Change

Hard News by Russell Brown

New Zealand's not-really-all-that-lengthy coalition negotiations were conducted with a degree of discretion that meant there were few tidbits for an increasingly frazzled press gallery to bring to a probably less frazzled public. But one thing we did learn was significant:…

Friday Music: Staying Okay

Hard News by Russell Brown

One of the more welcome developments in the local music business in recent years has been a better focus on the welfare of people who work in it. That focus was given form a year ago when the New Zealand…

Out of sight, out of mind: how we forgot about synthetics

Hard News by Russell Brown

Update: This week's Media Take looks at and compares the twin news stories of synthetic cannabis and "methamphetamine contamination" with social activist Denis O'Reilly, public health expert Papa Nahi, journalists Tony Wall and Baz Macdonald, treament professional Kohe Pene and…

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