Laneway 2018

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Very Vintage

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Image by Jackson Perry

Autumn, what autumn?

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Eat, dance, love

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Don’t tell me stories about the disabled women you know

Access by Wendi Wicks

By the time the third panellist responded to my question about inclusion –about concrete actions to include disabled women – with stories about the disabled women they knew, or knew about, I was getting ticked. Very ticked. It’s something that happens…

Fentanyl: it's here

Hard News by Russell Brown

The harm-reduction organisation Know Your Stuff announced today that for the first time it has found the synthetic opioid fentanyl in a field sample in New Zealand. It's something everyone who watches the illicit drug market knew was almost certain…

A submission on the Electoral (Integrity) Amendment bill

Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler

I'm no fan of the Electoral (Integrity) Amendment Bill, the law that seeks to reinstate anti-"Waka-jumping" laws. And I wrote a submission saying so, to Justice Committee. A bunch of people have already made submissions on the objections in principle…

Bikelash, paralysis – and progress

Hard News by Russell Brown

I couldn't ride my e-bike for a few days last week, having strained my back by, ironically, dismounting said bike and missing a step. In truth, my back had been ready to go for a week or two and I…

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