Well spaced out

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AFP 2019

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Loose As

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Look! The Others Way 2018

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AFP 2018

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Adventures In Gender Identity

Speaker by Shel Walmsley

It started during a recent visit to a gynaecologist. Don’t worry, I’m fine.  I felt an intense discomfort as I picked up my prescription and I knew immediately that this was gender dysphoria. I’d experienced it many times before but…

The Drugs Meetup

Hard News by Russell Brown

"We just kept saying yes," New Zealand Drug Foundation executive director Sarah Helm told me the evening before Through the Maze: On the road to health, where nearly 50 people and organisations were represented on the stage over two busy…

A picture of official callousness and detachment

Hard News by Russell Brown

Last night, the New Zealand Herald posted a story from its political reporter Derek Cheng which bundles together a number of current issues around medicinal cannabis. The most alarming is that of Katy Thomas and her epileptic son Eddy, which…

The drumbeat for reform gets louder

Hard News by Russell Brown

It should have come as no surprise after the narrow referendum defeat last year of a bill to legalise and regulate cannabis that its loudest and best-funded opponents should have wandered off to find a new culture war. The people…

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