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AFP 2019

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Loose As

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Look! The Others Way 2018

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AFP 2018

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Election '20: The No Threshold Hypothetical

Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler

The final count of the 2020 general election has been released, with five parties making it into Parliament. If New Zealand had no threshold, and parties just had to get enough votes to be entitled to be in the first…


Speaker by Michael Appleton

Ten years ago this week, Mum died. Her death wasn't surprising: my mother Alison had been living with a terminal breast cancer diagnosis for two and a half years. But it was still shocking. One evening, she was sleeping in…

Rewarding competence

Speaker by Joshua Drummond

If you were listening to New Zealand’s punditocracy in the days since Labour won the general election with a record-setting outright majority, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Labour had actually lost. Last time around pundits could barely deal with…

Election '20: The Special Votes

Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler

The 2020 General Election has a preliminary result. For reasons I am unable to really explain, we will not have even a preliminary result for the end of life choice and cannabis legalisation referendums for some weeks (I dropped the…

The long road to "Yes"

Hard News by Russell Brown

One day in 1985, I came down from the loft where I was working as deputy editor of Rip It Up magazine, looking for lunch, and walked into a scene. There, on the corner of Queen and Darby Streets, a…

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