How Music Came Out!

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The Giant Up the Road

Sizing up the Waterview connection Read Post

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After the Apocalypse

Clinton Logan in Chernobyl Read Post

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Obliteration Room

Welcome to the Obliteration Room. We're going dotty over the coming of spring. Read Post

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Image by Lilith Grace

Garden of Arcane Delights

A mid-winter trip to the Hamilton Gardens. Read Post

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Just get the App, already

Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler

It’s over two years since then-Minister of Transport Gerry Brownlee boarded a plane in Christchurch, after entering a secure area through a no-entry door, skipping past the security check. I spent time that day on Twitter, trying to work out…

Istanbul 2016

Speaker by Clinton Logan
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A man squeezes a thick line of translucent yellow adhesive into a plastic bag, places it over his face, and inhales into the deep recesses of his lungs. As he lurches about in a glue-fueled frenzy, a woman in a…

On seclusion rooms

Hard News by Russell Brown

After Kirsty Johnston revealed two weeks ago that Miramar Central School had repeatedly locked children – including an 11 year-old boy with autism –  in dark, cupboard-sized room as a punishment, the story developed quickly. It emerged that many other schools were…

Music: Friends of Bill

Hard News by Russell Brown

The occasions when Bill Direen recruits some friends to explore his remarkable catalogue always have the feel of a gathering of initiates and oddballs. There are often unusual people present, but perhaps we're all strange. This year, Saturday night's show…

Four thoughts on polling in Wellington’s mayoral election

Polity by Rob Salmond

(Disclosure at the outset: Polity’s clients include Justin Lester’s campaign.) As readers know, Justin Lester won Wellington’s mayoralty over Nick Leggett by 56% to 44% on the final STV count, with turnout up around five points to 45%. Now that…

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