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Southerly: Deconstruction and Construction

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  • Islander,

    I gave your “My First Stabbing” to my family in Waimate.
    I’ve yet to hear back from them.
    The hospitality offer still stands..


    -brillant post!

    Big O, Mahitahi, Te Wahi … • Since Feb 2007 • 5643 posts Report

  • David Haywood, in reply to Islander,

    Thank you! We're moving (Saturday) into the semi-mythical earthquake village in Linwood. But *very* touched by the offer of hospitality! Oodles to do on the house before we pick it up and put it on the truck (especially paving stones) -- so handy to be in deepest Linwood only a short journey away from the ruins of Avonside. Jen desperately packing for the move as I type -- better join her...

    Dunsandel • Since Nov 2006 • 1156 posts Report

  • Sacha,

    "May I borrow your sledgehammer, please," he asked.

    Heh. And best wishes for the move.

    Ak • Since May 2008 • 19745 posts Report

  • Richard Dearden,

    How many paving stones can you lift in the time it takes to count 5907 paving stones?
    Oh, and I particularly like the way the "notoriously camera-shy Dalziel" remains notoriously camera shy!

    Birmingham, UK • Since Jul 2008 • 9 posts Report

  • Jackie Clark,

    How wonderful to hear from you, David. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Mt Eden, Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 3136 posts Report

  • Gee,

    Bob never fails to impress! Hope the rest of the deconstruction (and pavestone moving) goes well.

    Canada, eh • Since May 2011 • 78 posts Report

  • Gregor Ronald,

    Great to hear of the progress, best wishes for the move. The old neighbourhood is looking awfully derelict as people move on, but the future looks positive now.

    Christchurch • Since Nov 2006 • 103 posts Report

  • Judi Lapsley Miller,

    Lovely pic of Bob and his gorgeous case! Are you translocating the two-story playhouse too or did it get taken out with an #eqnz?

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 106 posts Report

  • Stephen Judd,

    I am at once delighted to read this, and saddened to discover I don't even have the building prowess of a four year old boy.

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 3122 posts Report

  • Isabel Hitchings,

    Hope the moving process continues to go smoothly.

    Our garage has also been a mysterious survivor. Even before any shakiness it was so rickety that we didn't like going in there so I'd half hoped it would fall down in a quake (as my kids have informed every single EQC and Fletchers person who has visited). It went a bit wonky after February so we had some hopes but in the end the builders, who have just finished here, put a rope around it and pulled it straight (it may have been more complex than that. It that's how they described it). It's still bothersomely rickety.

    Christchurch • Since Jul 2007 • 719 posts Report

  • Jolisa,

    Whoa. When you guys move house, you REALLY move house. Also, I believe the Hay-Haywood clan motto is "when in doubt, build a tongue-and-groove dulcimer case" but I'm buggered if I know how to put that into Latin. Something close to dum spiro, spero, perhaps.

    Those paving stones look ominously back-ruining to me. In the absence of a full-on PAS working bee (St Ian is a celestial army of one), d'you think Student Job Search might be able to help a little? What price a fully functioning paterfamilias, after all? Or get Polly busy with a trolley...

    Best wishes for the rest of the move, and looking forward to the After-After photos.

    Auckland, NZ • Since Nov 2006 • 1472 posts Report

  • Geoff Lealand,

    What clever chaps!

    Screen & Media Studies, U… • Since Oct 2007 • 2562 posts Report

  • Geoff Lealand,

    David; Thought you might enjoy this piece from this morning’s Waikato Times, as you lift that bale, tote that barge

    A large ad for the grand opening of the “Peaches & Cream Adult Megastore”, with a major attraction of a “free sausage sizzle”. Bring your own sausage, presumably.

    Screen & Media Studies, U… • Since Oct 2007 • 2562 posts Report

  • JacksonP,

    Reading your pieces is always an uplifting experience, if you'll excuse the pun.

    I am at once delighted to read this, and saddened to discover I don't even have the building prowess of a four year old boy.

    Yes, that too.

    Ian clearly takes the saintliness thing seriously by being both indefatigable and invisible. ;-)

    Auckland • Since Mar 2011 • 2450 posts Report

  • Bart Janssen,

    Oh the joy of a sledgehammer and the license to demolish.

    Great to see you are making progress and also great to see Bob declaring his intent to be a builder of wonders.

    Spa pools come into their own as the body gets more prone to declaring it's weaknesses and switching to peroxide instead of chlorine make maintenance much easier. Now if we could just get a lid that lasted longer than 2 years.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 4461 posts Report

  • Ian MacKay,

    Watch out for them thar pavers. My Doctor reckons lifting pavers cause piles and I don't think he means piles of pavers.

    Bleheim • Since Nov 2006 • 498 posts Report

  • Raymond A Francis,

    Bob the builder, hasn't he grown and yes a four year old who plainly can build better than me (with supervision)

    45' South • Since Nov 2006 • 578 posts Report

  • Graeme Haywood,

    Plus the one that went down the earthquake crack = 13 tonne.
    you can fit 26 in a wheelbarrow load
    Why does that sound familiar

    Since Jun 2011 • 7 posts Report

  • Glenn Pearce,

    The only thing worse than lifting 5097 pavers would be re-laying 5097 pavers.

    That roller in the photo is sure going to get some use at the new place that's for sure. :-)

    Auckland • Since Feb 2007 • 504 posts Report

  • Emma Hart,

    Do you understand the concept of spa pooling? I don't. You get in. You are instantly bored. There is nothing -- I repeat nothing -- to do.

    Okay, I'm not a big fan of spa pools, but I'm pretty sure you're doing this wrong. There should be Other People, and Alcohol.

    Christchurch • Since Nov 2006 • 4651 posts Report

  • George Darroch, in reply to Emma Hart,

    Okay, I’m not a big fan of spa pools, but I’m pretty sure you’re doing this wrong. There should be Other People, and Alcohol.

    You don’t need water to drink alcohol.

    WLG • Since Nov 2006 • 2264 posts Report

  • Hilary Stace,

    My son's dearly loved uncles and cousins run a spa pool family business - including in the south island. Don't knock them

    Wgtn • Since Jun 2008 • 3229 posts Report

  • Rich of Observationz, in reply to George Darroch,

    You do unless you want your throat burnt off by 100% anhydrous ethanol. Unsafe.

    (I don't drink alcohol. I drink beer, wine and some other beverages. Sure, they contain alcohol, but they also contain sugar. And nobody says they drink sugar).

    Back in Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 5550 posts Report

  • Rich of Observationz, in reply to Hilary Stace,

    spa pool family

    Is that a family that was conceived in a spa pool?

    Back in Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 5550 posts Report

  • George Darroch,

    Having lifted less than 100 pavers in the last week, I have an approximation of your pain. However, they are almost indestructible, and extremely useful.

    WLG • Since Nov 2006 • 2264 posts Report

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