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  • Hard News: Memories of the news,

    It isn't the oldest memory of mine, but I vividly recall my confusion as I turned on the TV sleepily in the morning to watch the news and thinking for some reason we had left the TV on to some channel that was playing a stupid disaster movie about some skyscraper burning ...

    And then more confusion as the stupid remote didn't seem to change the channel ...

    And the the dawning realisation that it was real

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  • Hard News: Memories of the news,

    Memory is a tricky thing, by now every one of my memories from then is a memory of a memory of a memory ...

    The one I can picture and still feels real is the moon landing. We hadn't had the TV long and I "remember" sitting right up close for the event. I think I have the newspaper from then still.

    My father was a news junkie, nobody was allowed to talk when the news was on the radio so we watched most news.

    I remember the pictures from Veitnam but mixed in are the pictures of the protests in the US and NZ - even though they were at different times.

    That's the problem with memories, for me at least, the connections trigger different events.

    Hence when I think of the moon landing I also get memories of the space shuttle launches and the Skylab/Mir docking all in one montage.

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  • Hard News: Powerstation II: It's complicated,

    So if I understand all that, everyone including police are happy with the way the events have been run.

    But somehow they got the wrong designation for what they have been doing, and want to continue to do.

    And nobody was able to do the paperwork to get them the right designation because ...?

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  • Up Front: Too Sexy for Your Site,

    You called me "default"!

    Also the thing that really boggles my mind is the spreadsheets. Totally fine with kids being made aware of and given an understanding differing sexual practices and love, but really - spreadsheets are a step too far!

    On a serious note, I actually love PDAs and for some reason acronym PDAs give me even more pleasure.

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  • Hard News: Lorde, the council and the…, in reply to Adam H,

    - the hand-wringing old farts who seem to think that today's kids are far worse than they were with alcohol

    I suspect the problem is they think todays kids will be exactly as bad with alcohol as they were when they were kids.

    NZ has a totally broken attitude to alcohol, it does more harm than any other drug. We are caught in this weird state between prohibition and complete freedom that seems to make the whole problem worse.

    I have some sympathy for the police because they get to deal with the fallout when it goes pear shaped - but allowing the police to decide what our society should be like is ridiculous and scary as all hell.

    No idea how we get to a common sense balance around alcohol but I would have thought the Lorde concert would have made a perfect example of getting it right - but instead it's a great example of how to get it wrong.

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  • Speaker: Bullshit and pigeon shit:…,

    My friend describes this kind of tourism as "human zoo".

    We saw it in Cambodia where, in the first village we visited, the guide essentially walked us through peoples homes showing us how the locals lived. After that we chose to play cards on the boat rather than visit any other local villages.

    It's frustrating when people go on about the romance of the way things used to be done and how modern technology has ruined everything.

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  • Hard News: And so it begins ..., in reply to Rich Lock,

    It's the same here in the UK - the most incompetent government in living memory, and it's still polling a solid 40%, just a couple of points below Labour.

    That's the nature of tribes. Same here in NZ while Joyce was telling outrageous lies there was a core that justified (or denied) all of that simply to support their tribe.

    If it wasn't terrifying it would be fascinating. It really seems as though people make a decision and then fit every fact into that decision.

    I wonder whether that's a natural default or whether that's something we somehow teach.

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  • Hard News: And so it begins ..., in reply to Shaun Lott,

    I personally feel that the constitutional crisis started with the Supreme Court vacancy stand-off.


    But there is also a crisis coming within the GOP. At some point GOP representatives are going to demand some kind of change. Without something happening a lot of GOP politicians are going to be kicked out in 2018. But there's no certainty that Pence would be any more palatable than Trump.

    Longer term I'm starting to wonder if the public are willing to accept the binary system that they currently have. It's hard to see how change can occur and certainly American kids are taught that their system is the only viable system. But a lot of folks don't like either party.

    If Trump's supporters do protest hard, it's just possible that the counter protest could trigger a major change in the US system.

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  • Hard News: And so it begins ...,

    Another good source is Seth Abramson (@sethabramson) who posts quite long threads detailing the saga from the point of view of a lawyer.

    Very early on he identified Papadopolos as a likely target of the FBI who could be "turned".

    It's really interesting to see how a lawyer interprets the various statements and actions and it's really nice to get a clear legal definition of what is and is not a crime and what kind of approach is typical for an investigator like Mueller.

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  • Hard News: Communications breakdown,

    If you don't tell anyone what you are doing then they can't criticize you for failing. That's what Orsman and co fail to realise - sure they didn't spend (waste) money on communication but the consequence is that you have no way of know where they did waste money.

    But it's a symptom of a larger failure in these organisations and that is they don't believe they work for us. Every dollar in those organisations comes from the people in the communities. It's not just that we aren't being treated like valued customers, it's that we aren't being treated like owners.

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