Southerly by David Haywood

About 'Bridle Path'

David Haywood is the banjo player for Bridle Path (the other member of the duo is the multi-talented Blair Parkes).

Bridle Path seeks musical inspiration from old-timey New Zealand folk music but with a new twist: no songs about sheep. They have a written manifesto for their musical philosophy that prohibits the use of electric instruments, or any type of audio effect when playing or recording (even reverb). The manifesto is signed the band member's own blood -- or, to be strictly honest, their own beer (which amounts to the same thing).

The Bridle Path's first E.P. can be downloaded below (at no cost):


DOWNLOAD 'Monteith's Sessions E.P.' as a ZIP file with MP3s and cover art (7.8MB)

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[Note: The music available for download here is free to copy and distribute, but it is copyright, and Bridle Path assert their moral right to be identified as the author(s).]