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Hard News: Party on, dudes

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  • Phil fryer,

    Good on yer mate, at least ur having a go, in the great kiwi tradition,
    ur've knocked the bugger off !

    Laingholm • Since Mar 2011 • 34 posts Report

  • Alastair Thompson,

    Just wanted to get in quick and make the first page of the Party thread!

    Now to read the post.

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 220 posts Report

  • Alastair Thompson,

    Phew..... by a nose.

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 220 posts Report

  • Dovil,

    From another lurker a hearty congratulations and a thank you for providing a site that is one the few must reads out there.

    Since Oct 2011 • 4 posts Report

  • Bart Janssen,

    Hard News kept us in touch with New Zealand when we were lost in Texas.

    Public Address showed me voices and opinions and ideas I hadn't realised I needed.

    PAS gave me a place to speak and listen and be told I was a twatcock at times.

    Great Blend showed me the real people who were until then only images in my head.

    For all that I thank you very much Russell, I so very much appreciate what you have created here.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 4461 posts Report

  • Andre,

    I remember when I shifted to Wellington in the late 90's that the weekly Hard News email hitting my inbox was at the time my only link to Auckland's CBD underground literate and political culture. In the same way that Planet magazine was when I spent a few years in Christchurch around 1990. Now I'm living in the burb's with a young family you are still supplying my link to a community of thought that I've always related to. Many thanks - your media has been the compulsory reading of much of my life.

    New Zealand • Since May 2009 • 371 posts Report

  • greenlove33, in reply to Geoff Lealand,

    Congrats Russell, I mainly lurk but Public Address cheers me up after a lot of the other blogs. Im still a poor student but put a weekly AP through to the Public Address account of ten dollars a week. Surely a 'rich' lecturer could put up 20 bucks a week?

    Its not a vast amount of money but a micropayment system could definitely work. I spend more than ten dollars a week on the Herald and that just depresses me daily lol. Public Address cheers me up. Good on ya.

    Centered • Since Aug 2009 • 34 posts Report

  • Ray Gilbert,

    Whew - 10 long years. Lets throw a solar eclipse to celebrate

    Since Nov 2006 • 104 posts Report

  • Tim Michie,

    Thank you all and especially moderator/motivator Russell for all of the engagement, information and experience to date. Rave on.

    Auckward • Since Nov 2006 • 614 posts Report

  • Emma Hart,

    and we will be moderating for quality

    Ahahahahaha yeah nah.

    I’ve engaged offline to try and bring people around.

    For serious, the amount of work Russell does to make this community what it is that you can’t see from in front of the curtain? Mind-buggering. Cheers, dude.

    I’m overwhelmingly grateful to Russell for picking me out and giving me a column so I could get yous all to google things and wish you hadn’t. And the support of this community over the last few years, through my brain tumour and the death of my mother and the earthquakes is completely moving and humbling and has given me all this pesky inconvenient faith in humanity.

    Christchurch • Since Nov 2006 • 4651 posts Report

  • Danielle,

    This is the site that allowed me to properly re-engage with New Zealand after living in the USA. I've been reading Hard News since I was a graduate student staying awake too long via... artificial means... and now I'm a boring nearly-middle-aged mother of two in Auckland's very outer suburbs, and it's still a part of my life. Thanks Russell, and all you peeps.

    (I feel a bit jazzed about my "Since Nov 2006" too. I'm O.G. Heh.)

    Charo World. Cuchi-cuchi!… • Since Nov 2006 • 3828 posts Report

  • Mark Easterbrook,

    Well done Russell, and well done everyone who helps make PA what it is. There is a richness to this wee corner of the internet that I'd hate to live without.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 265 posts Report

  • Mark Proffit,

    Congratulations Russell - PA is still one of the first sites I read no matter where I am.

    I find it hard to believe it is 10 years since you launched PA and over 20 years since HardNews (I still remember discovering HardNews on BFM in 92) went to air.

    Sydney, Australia • Since Sep 2008 • 4 posts Report

  • JacksonP,


    Eclipse of the heart.

    This place is ace, bro. Thanks for everything, and looking forward to more fun in the sun.

    Auckland • Since Mar 2011 • 2450 posts Report

  • Mark Graham,

    It's a great community of which to be a part. Goof intelligent debate and discussion around topics that are important. Great work, Russell - something you can be immensely proud of.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 218 posts Report

  • Mark Graham,

    Nov 2006. Yus!

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 218 posts Report

  • Mark Graham,

    'Great' intelligent debate...damn autocorrect

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 218 posts Report

  • Alan Perrott,

    yep, and what with that micro-hail storm and the eclipse today, she's awspikashus times and no mistake.

    but well done and congrats Russell; I don't know how - or ofttimes why - you've managed to keep on keeping on.

    still don't get house but...

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 438 posts Report

  • Megan Wegan,

    I was a lurker here for ages, because I was WAY to intimidated to join the fray. I figured anything I could say, someone else could say it smarter. Looking back over my 1000+ posts (only since mid-2008, sadly), maybe I should have stuck with that feeling.

    Has anyone said "here's to 10 more years" yet? Poor Russell....he thinks he's tired now....

    Welly • Since Jul 2008 • 1275 posts Report

  • bob daktari,

    good people, great discussions... if only it a pub

    congratulations Russell and team on being 10 years young

    auckland • Since Dec 2006 • 540 posts Report

  • tonyH,

    Massive respect Russell and team, for all the visible and invisible work. And all commenters - if I do finish my degree in retirement as promised, perhaps it'll help me approach the levels of confidence and clarity that (with pretty much unique levels of courtesy) grace the PA threads, and lift myself out of lurkerdom.

    In the misty heydays of the 70s and 80s ($2-a-week shack in the Waitaks, then bookselling from a caravan in Cambridgeshire) the late lamented Whole Earth Review - later a Web pioneer with the WELL) kept me both in planetary orbit and grounded. Marooned in Tokoroa in the 90s, but a bFM stalwart from the start, I got hooked on Hard News, and haven't stopped lurking since - never more than during an extended stay in the Gulf when you guys were not just a turangawaewae lifeline, but still the most reliable wormhole to a reasoned and balanced worldview (intro to the Daily Show, nuggety music posts, all the bestest links).

    Whole Earth mag foundered from lack of funding. Though a subscription or similar wouldn't be right, let's hope PA readers step up and follow Nick Spencer's example of a contribution via AP.

    And a picnic Blend sounds like a grand idea.

    Pakuranga • Since Nov 2011 • 9 posts Report

  • Graham Dunster,

    Politics, music, anything goes and we're all much better - and happier - for it. Open communication is the saviour of society.

    So thanks Russell and the gang for doing the hard lifting, seriously appreciated.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2009 • 184 posts Report

  • Sacha,

    Much love and respect, to all of you and to our generous host.

    Some of you know what this place has meant to me more than others, but I've been feeding my mind and spirit with Hard News since it was ether and I'm proud to be able to contribute to such a smart and humane community. Well done to all involved behind that curtain, and especially to Russell and his family who have shared him with us so long.

    And my thanks to all of you who listen and don't feel the need to talk here but take these discussions with you to other places. If you do ever want to speak up, it's easy enough to say your piece and go back to being quiet if you like. Of course some of us are just talkative. :)


    Ak • Since May 2008 • 19745 posts Report

  • Bart Janssen, in reply to Emma Hart,

    get yous all to google things and wish you hadn’t

    "I'm going to regret clicking this link .... MY EYES!?!?!?!?!"

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 4461 posts Report

  • Sacha, in reply to Bart Janssen,

    she's been doing that to you since before the internet though, right?

    Ak • Since May 2008 • 19745 posts Report

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