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  • Hard News: Party on, dudes,

    From another lurker a hearty congratulations and a thank you for providing a site that is one the few must reads out there.

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  • Hard News: Women and their representations,

    Sian Elias would have been one of my picks, but that is a list to be proud of.

    Very true about women's magazines - nothing but pages and pages of ads tied in together with articles designed to set out reasons why you need to buy from said ads. It's perfect synergy.

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  • Hard News: One man’s Meat Puppets is…,

    So working at HMV was akin in living in the same house with my mother then. With regards to the Phantom of the Opera, that is. Not a big Public Enemy fan.

    Florence and the Machine and their like always sound as if they're creating music purely to be part of a movie soundtrack for the next Twilight movie. It makes me sad inside, but apparently not as sad as they are, miserable bastards.

    Novelty music is my particular peeve. It's been rumoured that playing "Who the 'Bleep' is Alice" in my vicinity can set me off into a homicidal rage, which is strange because there usually aren't any survivors.

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  • Hard News: Dropping the Bomber,

    Fantastic post. It would be interesting if Bomber's comment actually does meet the legal requirements to be considered defamation since that's what their justification is for the ban. I am doubtful that they consulted a lawyer.

    I think Bomber is the left's answer to Limbaugh and Beck - emotive outpourings of an overly simplistic ideological bent that is meant to instill fear in their listeners (substitute immigrants and gay people with authority figures - different lyrics, same tune). But considering NZ media is awash with right wing opinion pieces this decision by RNZ isn't exactly comforting.

    With regards to John Key's popularity - apparently he rates highly as someone people would like to sit down and have a beer with. George Bush rated highly on this as well. Perhaps democracy should be abolished.

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