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Don't cry for me, Argentina

It is with weepy puppy-eyes that I must bid farewell to you, dear readers. This puppy has been purchased and bound with a little pink contractual bow, and will have to leave this blog-house for a while.

I am really, genuinely disappointed that I won’t be around to fisk the hell out of this election. I came back to New Zealand last year with the intention of preparing myself for the election, and laying the groundwork for my factchecking empire, which would change the world forever, bring down the system, stick it to The Man, etc.

Unfortunately, my ideals wrote a cheque my diligence couldn’t cash. It was a spectacularly time-consuming task. Even with a newspaper column, it still took at least three days for me to earn a day’s pay. Maybe more difficult was the isolating nature of task. I wanted to do something different, and it meant doing it very much by myself. I got sucked into spirals of self-doubt more than once, which hasn’t been fun at all.

Not that I’m giving up. But I do need to change tact, and I need bigger guns. At the end of the day, experience matters, and as a young pup wanting to shake things up, I always found that I needed more of it. Hopefully, my new job will give me just that. And money. Which is nice.

I’m sure I’ll be back out in the wilderness – where I belong – before too long, and until then, hopefully there will be the chance for the odd, non-current-event blog on here.

But for all fisky intents and purposes, adiós!

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