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  • Hard News: Towards new human spaces,

    Titirangi is the king of narrow or totally non-existent footpaths! But walkers and runners and cyclists have been fantastic about negotiating the space. I’ve noticed that we’ve got some nice courtesies around stepping out into the road: people who can see any oncoming vehicles tend to step out leaving the pavement for people who can’t see them, adults step out for families with children, everyone steps out for people with babies and toddlers in pushchairs, and for people using mobility devices.

    But some motorists are still charging around at 50kph… just a little slowing down would be good.

    I’d be in favour of slower speed rates on suburban roads. And I’d love downtown Auckland to be more pedestrianised. My only major concern would be access for people who can’t walk more than a few metres: we need to make sure that we have some well specified exemptions so that people with disabilities can still access services as needed.

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  • Hard News: Together Alone,

    Great to be back, Russell. I'm attribute at least some responsibility for my long term career trajectory to this site. :-)

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  • Hard News: Big Night Outage,

    I'm down in Wellington (Parliament is sitting) so I've been relying on friends, family and FB for updates on where there's power, or not. My husband txted on Tuesday evening at about 9pm to tell me the power had gone out. It came back on this morning at about 8.20am. So nearly 36 hours without power, and not a lot of information about when it might come back on.

    Some places in my electorate are still without power and they're not expecting to get it back until tomorrow (Friday) sometime. That seems... odd, given that it's a very urban electorate. We did seem to be right in the wind tunnel, with the winds barrelling in over the Manukau, and there were outages seemingly everywhere, so it's a huge task to get everything up and running again.

    I'm wondering a bit about the resiliency of the power network. If we are going to face more and more weird weather, we might need to be thinking about how to build a stronger network.

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  • Island Life: Unaccustomed as I am,

    For various reasons, I've just been re-reading this excellent post. :-) Thank you, Mr Slack.

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  • Up Front: The Surprisingly Sincere Up…,

    An excellent column at The Spinoff on how to vote from overseas, for those who prefer to read something rather than watch a video*: Voting from overseas: a dummies’ guide for New Zealanders

    *I usually far prefer reading to watching a video, because then I can absorb it at my own pace rather than at the pace that the maker of the video prescribes. But each to their own etc.

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  • Hard News: Synthetic cannabinoids: a primer,

    Very helpful, thank you, Russell.

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  • Hard News: Orcon IRL at Golden Dawn: The…,

    Hurrah! First Orcon IRL event I'll be able to attend, and it's peculiarly relevant to me. :-)

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  • Hard News: Mt Albert: Cooperating,…,

    :-) Thank you!

    I loved being part of the Get Out The Vote push on Saturday. I was doorknocking in Sandringham, and there was so much support for Jacinda. So our big task was to get all those people out to vote. And they did.

    Julie Anne Genter came along to Jacinda's party late in the evening, and was warmly welcomed.

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  • Hard News: Taking the stage in Mount Albert,

    Obviously I’m thoroughly partisan, but I thought Andrew gave a really good speech.

    Something else that was interesting was that there are a lot of younger activists getting involved. Jacinda had a team of mainly young people lined up to go doorknocking after the speech. I headed off to the pub afterwards with Andrew and Priyanca Radnakrishnan and Jenny Salesa, and a whole heap of young people who were all sorting out something for Priyanca’s campaign. I’m thoroughly over the on-going lament about young people not being involved in politics: sure, there’s plenty who don’t vote and don’t get involved, and we’ve got a huge task on our hands connecting with them and encouraging them to vote, but we’ve also got plenty of young activists too. Young being under 30 or so… which looks increasingly young to me.

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  • Hard News: Public Address founder…,

    Yay! I'm delighted to be a winner. Thanks, Russell.

    Also, I'm totally taking this as an omen for 2017.

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