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Public Address Books is a specialist imprint that publishes the writings of the Public Address team.

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 • Buying online at Public Address Books pays a much larger royalty to the author than when you buy from a regular bookshop.

• Additionally, our books are usually lower-priced than in bookshops.

• And we also offer the added bonus of allowing you to get your book signed or inscribed by the author.

• But if you strongly prefer to buy from a bookshop then please favour one of our recommended independent booksellers throughout New Zealand.  Click here to find out more.

Titles available from Public Address Books:

Ko te Pūmanawa Huna o Arapeta Ota

Nā David Haywood & Peter Adamson, NZ$19.95

Kāore e pai te noho o Arapeta Ota i te taha o tana whānau me ana hoa kura, kāore ana pūmanawa ki te peke-ā-pou, ki te pāngarau rānei...

The Hidden Talent of Albert Otter

By David Haywood & Peter Adamson, NZ$19.95

Writer David Haywood has collaborated with artist Peter Adamson to create a charming picture book for children....

Not Safe For Work

By Emma Hart, NZ$24.95 (RRP $29.95)

A book of fiery prose from Emma Hart...
"Smart and funny and original... talented as all f**k."-- Steve Braunias

The New Zealand Reserve Bank Annual 2010

By David Haywood, NZ$24.95 (RRP NZ$29.95)

From xylophones to your favourite type of sausages, the theory of economics affects everything you do.  And yet how much, if anything, have you told to your children?...

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The Idiot Boy Who Flew

By Graham Reid, NZ$24.95 (RRP NZ$29.95)

Winner of the TravCom Readers' Choice Award 2010!
More travel writing from the award-winning author of Postcards From Elsewhere (2006 Whitcoulls Travel Book of the Year)...

My First Stabbing

By David Haywood, NZ$22.50 (RRP NZ$24.95)

A collection of strange meanderings by David Haywood.
"Apposite, biting and very funny."-- Keri Hulme...

Busytown: Knee-High in New York

By Jolisa Gracewood

The unexpected adventures of Jolisa Gracewood in Busytown... RELEASE DATE: 2015

Public Address titles available from other publishers:

Great New Zealand Argument

Edited by Russell Brown

A collection of some of the most important writing about who New Zealanders are and how we are changing...

Postcards from Elsewhere

By Graham Reid

Public Address writer Graham Reid travels from the back roads of America to a cockroach-ridden hotel in Taiwan, from ancient Spain to modern-day Korea. Reid makes these journeys informative, amusing and sometimes downright strange...
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Civil War & Other Optimistic Predictions

By David Slack

When a Maori academic predicted there would be 'civil war' if the Government's seabed and foreshore legislation was passed, a book idea was born...
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Bullshit, Backlash & Bleeding Hearts

By David Slack

A book that digs behind the slogans, myths, mud-slinging and misconceptions on all sides of the current Treaty and race debate to explain exactly where we are, how we got here and where we're heading...
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