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  • Hard News: Victoria Crone and what…,

    It would be great to know about more than just her employment
    Being great at business or being on boards doesn't say much

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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,

    I'm going to suggest

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  • Speaker: My Story,

    Thank you so much claudia
    our stories, they are so incredibly painful to tell, i want to live in a world where we don't need to tell them, where our male political leaders act like american frat boys

    So thank you so much for your strength and for sharing

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  • Polity: Canada voted,

    4th - Justin Trudeau and his political heritage paid a part as well. Ignoring the politics of personality is something political parties do at their own risk

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  • Polity: Forty,

    According to my very wise & 40 years older than me Mother "0 Birthdays are the worst". So many, too many expectations come with them. Possibly a bit like a 21st i suspect - I was too ill to have one but in not having one i felt i was missing out somewhere.

    But if you just ignore the 0 and act like the first number you'll be fine. It also feels like people write tomes about turning 40 or a 0 year, but nothing about 43 or 44, and I think it's because the is 0 pressure around those dates, 0 expectations.

    Trust me on this - I'm turning 44 this year and i still live with my Mum. Not because she needs looking after, nope I'm the one with the giant medication box she just takes a fish oil capsule twice a day and looks after me.

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  • Hard News: About Chris Brown,

    it is totally fucked up that some leading Maori women in NZ are spending their time helping a rich rapper make more money.

    Why are they doing this?

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  • Hard News: About Chris Brown,

    If Chris Brown was a New Zealander what would be his chances of getting a visa to perform in the United States under identical circumstances?

    Kelvin Davis raised this on Radio NZ saying one of his family who did screw up when young can't even get a transit visa for 2 hours in la to get to the UK.

    if you want to go to america, make sure you've never broken the law.

    thank you for the Veitch info, still think he's a unrepentant creep. but that's a personal opinion, and i doubt he gets to ever go to the the usa

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  • Hard News: About Chris Brown, in reply to EliotBlennerhassett,

    So, has anyone asked his *victims* what they think should happen? I haven't seen/heard anything.

    Because victims deserve the right to be left alone forever

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  • Hard News: About Chris Brown,

    donate half the money from the show to women's refuge and i'll believe he is touring nz to raise awareness around domestic violence and not profit - most bands tour for profit but if he has another reason show it.

    I think neither Veitch or Osbourne were not charged in court, we not convicted, there is a difference between a person with a record and one who does not. so i think they are irrelevant to the discussion

    But i would like to know how does one felon gain entrance to the country and others don't ? Is it based on the period of time since conviction?

    I think white musicians usually get kicked out of the country on arrival because they are dumb enough to have half a used joint in their suitcase.

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  • Speaker: Misrepresenting Kiribati and…,

    Half of Kiribati's 100,000 (ish) population live on the main island of Tarawa it's overpopulated with huge sanitation issues & working in health Suzy is doing the work of angels.

    Kiribati has an infant mortality rate of 45 to NZ's 5

    Kiribati has a TB rate of 497 to NZ's 7

    Plus an age expectancy of 60 compared to NZs 80

    Kiribati receives international development assistance yearly. The top 3 donors being - Australia (about $14-$16), Taiwan ( $10-11 mill), & NZ ($6-8 million). those figures are very loose. Each govt clearly has a stake in the game of keeping Kiribati going and the population staying put.

    given these stats I find it hard to believe everyone wants to stay, before you even have the climate change discussion. So i have to wonder if some misrepresentation may be going on somewhere.

    But let's go look at climate change and wether or not everyone wants to stay.

    In 2012 the Govt of Kiribati brought a whole pile of land in Fiji either for re settlement or to feed everyone who remained in Kiribati. In 2008 the Govt of Kiribati petitioned Australia & New Zealand to accept Kiribati citizens as climate change refugees. Were these stunts? I don't know.

    Earlier this year former President Anote Tong was very clear not everyone wants to stay, plans to stay or thinks staying is a possibility

    So i wonder

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