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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,


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  • Hard News: An unhelpful column about cannabis,

    Was it not marked as an advertisement for his business, then?

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  • Hard News: "OK Boomer" wins Public…,

    I wish it was Climate Emergency, that we were treating it like an emergency and governments of the Anglosphere were doing anything at all. Forbearance to the odd regional authority that's doing their best despite the high ups..

    Then, I think, well, the bushfires in Oz, and how their PM is treating that emergency, by, you know, ignoring it completely, not too fussed at all about the firefighters who can't pay the rent or feed their families, and realize we basically are treating it like we treat emergencies.

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  • Hard News: The Cannabis Legalisation and…, in reply to Russell Brown,

    You're allowed to share seed, you're not allowed to sell them without licence and if you have that licence you can't then gift or discount them.

    Giving away plant matter from your personal stock is limited to 14g dry per person per day, and probably seeds will go in there at some equivalent weight.

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  • Speaker: The economics of shit speech,

    Hmm. So they're shit because retweets and so on, ... because that gets the few cents from google adds and similar.

    Is it possible that the underlying problem is in fact, google and facebook have hateful, racist, anti-science promotion algorithms written by hateful, racist, anti-science programmers?

    I mean, when I go on Amazon, it doesn't point me at Nazi books. Because those don't actually sell, and Amazon points me at shit I might actually buy. Where, google/youtube, points you at Nazi propaganda because ... uh, maybe google is just written by a bunch of Nazis?

    I mean, people obviously like cute cat and dog videos (and also boobs) a fuck lot more than they like Nazi videos, but then youtube says you're gunna watch some Nazis now and so google pays more for that. Maybe it's not a coincidence that's driving this. Facebook obviously is at least very right wing in what it pushes, and now the global right is a bit Trumpist, you know, more problems.

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  • Hard News: What does the wastewater…,

    Shame that alcohol is metabolised into sugar and in turn stored as stomach fat, they'll have to rely on the official sales figures to work out how much is drunk, instead of sniffing about in people's poo.

    Almost like if we just regulated everything, we'd know how much was used. Hmm.

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  • Hard News: These things we must now change,

    And yet, none of this is directly linked to the Christchurch atrocity. The killer's hate culture, as expressed in his pretentious manifesto (always, these people purport to be cleverer than they are, with their pseudoscience and idiot history) is an online one: it crosses national borders; it's everywhere and nowhere.

    All of this is directly linked to the murders of minority men, women, and children in Christchurch, and elsewhere around the world.

    Do not fucking underestimate how dangerous this guy still is. Do not imagine that the feckless inanity surrounding it is anything other than extremely carefully crafted recruitment material for much more of the same. None of this is a joke, none of this is done loosely or in error. Do not pretend he is stupid, this was heavily trained and practised, it wasn't a fucking accident that he was arrested, this is part of the plan. He's planned this for years, a hundred and fifty thousand uploads supporting the spread of his livestream strongly suggests an extensive international support network with significant funding sources.

    This is not a guy trying to kill 50 people. This is an attempt at genocide, and they're just getting started. It's not just one guy, 4chan is fucking huge, and they all think this is funny.

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  • Hard News: Cannabis reform is a serious…,

    Can we have another referendum on making booze illegal at the same time?

    Citizen's initiated whatsit, if there's time?

    Seems the juxtaposition would be quite amusing.

    What with Family First and National talking up that one guy in Canada once who might've died from smoking pot non stop for 45 years, maybe, while talking down the hundreds a year in NZ who die from alcohol. Because of course they would.

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  • Access: The long road to real space,

    Any sources for this Autism plus ADHD thing? Google seems a bit vague. All I can find is it's about 30% prevalence of ADHD with Autism, and it could be the root cause of most of the Anxiety/Depression cycles which are otherwise hard to treat in Autistic folk.

    Which is, you know, seems familiar. Also, the ADHD part, and thus the Anxiety/Depression cycle, can basically be medicated away. I guess there's better places to ask, but yeah, on my mind lately.

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  • Hard News: A complicated pathway to wellness,

    Many individuals, local government bodies, educational institutions and businesses can contribute to the goal of changing the drinking culture without any changes to the law.

    No they can't. Like, what?

    It's not culture, you change alcohol use and immediate violence numbers with price and hours and distance between outlets. Put the price up on RTDs and they just vanish. Put the price up on Vodka and people will prime with whatever's left cheaper. Put the pubs far enough apart and there's no fights between different pub patrons at closing time. Change hours and people will party at private residences instead of private businesses, pre-load for the party at the pub, or pre-load for the pub at the house, it's all just law, take your pick.

    NZs "culture" of drinking has always followed the price, and the hours, and the distance between venues. Because it's not a culture, it's activities happening within the limits of the laws and entirely adapted to them.

    People used to return the bottles you know, because the law at the time supported that, enforced company behaviour around reuse. Now the branded crap litters the sides of our country roads, broken glass fucking everywhere thanks very much. Because the laws that supported returns are long gone and company behaviour changes to maximise profit in the current set.

    None of it is culture.

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