Cracker by Damian Christie



As a founding member of the Libertarianz way back when I was young, dumb and thought Ayn Rand was awesome, I like to keep an eye on my former brethren. Sorry, former autonomous individuals, each rational and capable of making their own decisions without the interference of Nanny State.

So I was amused to see this as I rode through Mt Albert this morning:

I appreciate it's frugality, the fact it says to me "yes, if we were in power, we wouldn't go squandering taxpayers' money on needless frivolity, we'd appreciate that every cent earned is yours to keep, and we'll only take the bare minimum required to do those few things that a Libertarian Government is properly charged with doing.

However I'm not sure what it says about their ability to plan ahead...

Lindsay Perigo must be rolling in his grave.

[Oh, and by the way, I was right about Winston not standing, see.]

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