Cracker by Damian Christie

About Damian Christie

Damian Christie is an Auckland-based freelance journalist and writer.

His chequered past includes time spent working as an entertainment lawyer, in right-wing radio, speech writing in parliament, a stint as Dr Love on ‘Love Songs to Midnight’, oyster farmer, shearing gang gopher, cocktail bartender, waterbed salesman…

At present however he's piecing together an income working on TVNZ 7s 'Back Benches' show with his old bFM colleague Wallace Chapman; producing and presenting his own show 'Hindsight', writing and producing for 'Q+A' on TV One; and pulling his hair out on a monthly basis over his Metro column 'Suburban Drift'.

His likes include ostensibly witty yet extremely drunken conversations in the dark corner of a bar.

He collects disapproving glances and condescending smirks. And oddly shaped stones.

His lifelong ambition is to go straight from 'wannabe' to 'has-been' without pausing for fame.