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Slipping into Darkness

You know it's time to give up blogging when (a) you've started almost every blog in recent memory with "it's been a while since my last post, because"; (b) your desktop is littered with half-finished thoughts that someone else at Public Address got to first; (c) you realise that despite all Russell's early assurances, bloggers don't "get all the babes".

And to be fair, it's been six years. I am, if memory serves, the only remaining founding member of Public Address other than Russell. It's been a good innings.

You don't think I'm leaving though? Course not. If I did Russell would end up acting like Martin Phillips when he became the only original Chill, and we don't want that. And it's election year; things are just starting to get good.

No, the last month or so has been a bit busy behind-the-scenes here, that's all. A move to Auckland (and to the only babe this blogger needs), a change from full-time employment to fuller-time freelancing, including work on not one but two brand new TV shows, both of which premiered last week. One was Russell's, (I'm in the credits there somewhere, I assume), the other, which I'm more involved in, is Back Benches, a political panel show filmed live each week at the Backbencher pub. Both are on TVNZ7.

Both shows managed their first eps very well, especially considering neither host had ever done it before – even after four years of working in telly, the idea of fronting half an hour live (Back Benches is live, Media 7 is 'as live') is a scary prospect. And I respect Russell and Wallace Chapman for handling their debuts so well. Importantly, I think as both hosts grow into their roles and the shows find their natural rhythm, both are only going to get better and better, becoming a staple of the media diet heading up to the election and beyond.

And while I'd encourage everyone to get Freeview boxes, I understand it's not realistic for everyone, particularly if you already have one of those other digital boxes on your TV. But that's what the Interweb is for, and both our shows are available there, gratis. Personally I'm waiting for the Freeview PVR boxes before saying goodbye to the Sky subscription (I seem to only use my MySky to record free-to-air channels).

Some of you will have also picked up that I've been co-hosting Public Address Radio on Radio Live for the last few weeks, which has been great fun, and something I look forward to doing more of now I'm back in town. As much as I enjoyed certain aspects of living in Wellington, I have to say the opportunities in Auckland are such that the streets are paved, if not with gold (especially not at current prices), then pork bellies, or milk powder, or some tangible commodity. And thanks to a friend with a new boat, I've been able to bring home fresh Snapper more than once since making the move.

Still, the end of daylight savings (to which every clock/computer/phone I own has adjusted itself automatically, but on different days) means a halt to the after-work fishing, diving and general hunter-gathering. The weather might be warmer up here, but dark is still dark.

Now I've realised I'm not about to starve (or worse still, get a real job) I'm a little more relaxed. More relaxed means more free time, which should mean more blogging (especially with the end of the fishing and diving). Don't be surprised if the next blog begins "It's been a while since my last post." But be assured it won't be my last.

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