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Busytown: Good as gold

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  • Jolisa,

    (I wished I could have embedded those tweets and a few choice images from Promoting Prosperity - will be away from the keyboard to vote, but back in a while to fix that and see how it's all going).

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  • JacksonP,

    The Inequality launch was an eye opener for me in many ways. It seems so long ago, in the morass of this election.

    On current form, we have a long way to go in learning to care for each other, and striving for a more equitable society.

    Holding on to hope.

    Smash the state… with love… J :-)

    Auckland • Since Mar 2011 • 2450 posts Report

  • Ian Dalziel,

    I see that the Shirley Library no longer carries New Scientist, let's throw the whole suburb to the luddites... grrr

    But seriously, small cuts like that impact on the reinforcing of ideas or enthusiasms.

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  • Bart Janssen,

    Apropos of nothing at all, I kept reading this sentence

    what’s the radius of a vicious circle?

    what's the radius of a viscous circle

    And no I don't know the answer.

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  • Bart Janssen,

    I remember reading about this a while ago and thinking we could really do with that here in NZ. While I understand and accept that the top job carries responsibilities and liabilities that are genuinely onerous I don't see any real justification for allowing the gap between top and bottom to grow the way it has.

    It isn't actually that much of a hardship for the guys (yes male) at the top, if they want $100k more they just need to raise the salary at the bottom by $5k.

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  • Bart Janssen,

    Paul Brislen tweeted this today
    Which we agreed was a good metaphor for the election.

    Sorry I couldn't figure out how to either embed the tweet or just get the image to display :(

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  • Ian Dalziel, in reply to Bart Janssen,

    halo, halo, halo...

    And no I don’t know the answer

    don't worry something will gel...
    what gooeys a round
    comes around.

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  • Ian Dalziel,


    Cartoons by Sharon Murdoch, like this one.

    That was great, funny though, it was slightly different in The Press
    (see above)

    and Michele A'Court has been on fire!

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  • andin,

    I just hope the govt changes is all.
    That's my short term hope.
    three more years of teamkey
    hmmm I will disappear

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  • BenWilson, in reply to Bart Janssen,

    And no I don't know the answer.

    dr/dt = -v, where r is radius, t is time, and v is some positive viciousness constant. Solving: r(t) = A*exp(-v*t). Give me any r,t pair and we can find A

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  • Hebe,

    Elegant and mellifluous writing Jolisa. Democracy on toast. Now democracy roast, blackened at the edges but rescuable with a sharp knife, a steady hand and a soupcon of Mickey Savagery.

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  • Nora Leggs,

    Attachment Attachment

    These beehives – some qualities we should be aiming for in our own beehive?

    And today, I’m hoping for a miracle, something to restore the gold to this grey spring, and some heart to our country.

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  • Rob Stowell,

    Thanks Jolissa. Something to keep thinking about. Because whoever win the election, we're going to have to work hard to change things - maybe starting by changing the narrative.

    Whakaraupo • Since Nov 2006 • 2120 posts Report

  • Peter Alsop,

    Really enjoyed this review thx Jolissa - beautifully written and engaging throughout. Prosperity requires (enough) equality, no doubt. I've sometimes wondered, though, whether the inequality debate is slavishly focussed on incomes (accepting their high importance), without consideration of a wider set of factors that may be relevant, such as social norms (accepting they get generalised), the crumbling of universal access policies, volunteering, community service, clubs and community events. Perhaps Max's book covers all this, I must have a look! The review really was a great read, well done. Thx also to all supporters of Promoting Prosperity.

    Wellington • Since Aug 2012 • 38 posts Report

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