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  • Hard News: Splore 2019 – Please Don't…,

    fear of the blowback from the general public. But based on my experience talking to the general public about this stuff, people are far ahead of politicians,

    The general public is a many headed beast, its when it finds a voice in the form of a talkback radio tool or local MP usually NAT, it is at its most vitriol spewing worst. If the delicate flower politicians can weather that is always the worry.
    Many people have to live with all kinds of things going on around them so they learn to be more forgiving, turning that into legislation means allowing the unfettered fears of people who have never come into personal contact before this, to do whatever it is they do.

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  • Legal Beagle: A (non-)submission on the…, in reply to Pete,

    As a community we keep an eye on each other

    Its how you define your community that can make or break a country.
    I get your point about the police,they can too often turn into a quasi army enforcing clearly dangerous and stupid laws on the larger population at the behest of unscrupulous politicians. (And Im still not much of a fan of Greg O’Connor after all the bull he spouted as police spokesman.) The war on drugs, and the treatment of anti apartheid demonstrators in this country has clearly shown that. And treatment of Maori continues to shown they are not coming to grips very well with racism within their ranks. what can I or anyone say but hope as time goes on improvement comes.

    You live in New Zealand while fellow gun enthusiasts may be your immediate community, the population of New Zealand is yours and all of our larger community. It dangerous to split yourself off from that, not just to others also to yourself.

    Sure the CHCH shooter was an aberration, allowed to get to the situation where he could carry out his acts, in part of because of an unspoken racial bias in the police who issued his licence and they have to own up to that, something they haven t done as yet.
    But we all have to start caring a bit more about our wider community and not split up into sects. This is probably the only time I will use a sporting metaphor. Its not the individuals teams, its the game that is important. Ughh I have to go and wash my brain now. But thats what is important here. Sorry I hope I didnt get too preachy on you.

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  • Legal Beagle: A (non-)submission on the…, in reply to Pete,

    Police so very regularly get things wrong on this register that it has become a standing joke so going on what they are doing now I wouldn’t trust the police

    What happened in CHCH has shaken a lot of people out of their complacency including, I'm sure, the police. They dont want to regarded as a standing joke in this matter anymore.

    I know people with hundreds

    What of guns? and they are unknown to the police? Are you sure?

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  • Hard News: Psychedelic Therapy: an…,

    If anyone is interested. The last 50 years of DEA horse shit has been a disaster, and now da'trump cretins.

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  • Legal Beagle: A (non-)submission on the…, in reply to steven crawford,

    The other illegal guns will still be illegal.

    I thought they might offer an amnesty from prosecution at least, HDPA is scaremongering a tad. I admit. But getting info is a bit difficult. I might check out Parliament TV tho its like watching paint dry.And I dont know when this debate would be on.

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  • Legal Beagle: A (non-)submission on the…,

    Is this right?

    "The Government is about to stuff this up in a major way. They've decided the gun buy-back won't include illegal guns.
    That's ridiculous.
    Why would you buy guns back off legal owners, but not off the owners of illegal weapons? It makes no sense."

    From here

    And according to the the journalist, MP's have also screwed up the Euthanasia bill with their laziness.

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  • Speaker: Are we seeing the end of MSM,…,

    Russell Brown has written a good article for the Spinoff.

    This near the end

    We’ve got to engage in a conversation about what sort of society we want

    We had better start working on a way to do this where there is none of the stratification now at epidemic proportions in society, no one comes at it with an agenda, and there is one there in bad faith. And if there is that group or person is pulled up quickly.
    And we better start working on it soon, and while we are doing it, business better be put on hold and no suffering be inflicted.
    Not a huge ask!

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  • Legal Beagle: A (non-)submission on the…, in reply to BenWilson,

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  • Speaker: Are we seeing the end of MSM,…, in reply to simon g,

    , a good teacher will encourage creativity and originality,

    Im not sure what to make of Rosemary McLeod and Morgan Begg applying the school teacher metaphor. They talk big ideas tho the application of them misses the serious of the issues, and why criticism of these people is relevant.
    Faux outrage at their perception of outrage, or a weird sympathy for an underdog that until recently was anything but an underdog. I guess RML is like a chiding priggish schoolmarm putting on superior airs to show she see and knows all, and 'your all behaving just like they used to', said with a hint of a knowing smirking humour.
    And Morgan Begg, well he is from a conservative Aussie think tank and they know all about totalitarianism because an obviously backward ball player is being hauled over the coals for displaying his stupidity in public

    Is there a naughty corner we can send these people, or maybe just not publish their nonsense anymore. Let them fume in their corner.

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  • Legal Beagle: A (non-)submission on the…, in reply to Paul Loch,

    if there is such a thing.

    If your asking I'd say no. Such creatures exist only for statistical purposes. Or to quiet some fear, a way of self identification. Secure in the knowledge they are just like everyone else in habits, interests, and way of living. Create a bubble in which to live. The Chch shooter did this and fooled everyone around him.

    truth keeps on resurfacing.

    I and dare I say many others dont find anything truthful in it.

    their perceived enemy to effect change or bring attention to their cause.

    Well dont make them your 'perceived enemy' and try to come to some understanding of their grievance which is always possible on an individual basis, its when it get to large populations that the hurdles are insurmountable sometimes.

    Please do not confuse the US with NZ.

    It is the same argument they would use and it has been refuted there and the same refutations are still true in NZ.

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