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Quantum Competition

by Foreign Field 4

Having solemnly taken on board the entreaties against over-confidence of my Dropkicks colleagues, I have come to a decision. I'm offering two fine bottles of whisky from our sponsors for this week's ad copy competition: one in case of victory, the other, unthinkably defeat against the French in Cardiff.

Think of it as a sort of quantum uncertainty competition.

Enter via the discussion for this post, as follows: study the Whisky Galore ads on the main Public Address pages, and give me up to a dozen words to run across two frames of the Flash advertisement. Humour is always good.

The best slogan referring to an All Black victory, and the best for an All Black defeat will earn a good dram delivered to the door. But on Monday, obviously, only one will actually be used in the ad.

I remain confident; a position somewhat buttressed by the impression that, short of divine intervention, Fabien Pelous is already making excuses for defeat.

Allez Les Noirs is confident too. Meanwhile Scrumbag (hat tip: ruggerblogger) sizes up the French team.

Returning to whisky, I celebrated delivering a major piece of work on Wednesday evening by cracking the Old Malt Cask Director's Tactical 1988, which I had been planning to save for the final, and pouring a couple of glasses. It was just the way I remembered it: sensational. Here's hoping it's a good omen.

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