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  • 180 Seconds: A Down Low Valentine to…,

    I agree you read it too literally

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  • 180 Seconds: A Down Low Valentine to…,

    The Neo conservatives fueled by Christian evangelism believe that Israel is on the plains of Armageddon and the final conflict will take place and all the true ( christian ) believers will be saved.

    Why are you so surprised that they should pin their hopes on a Utopian dream that some "batman" like figure will come to the rescue the world and that he should look like George W Bush.

    Yes, I am a "Joker" ( I think?).Ha Ha

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  • Hard News: Wild is the Weekend,

    Why does not one notice that we played most of the second half without a fit halfback? I agree it was an appalling display and there were selection and management issues. Ellis who I have never had much time for went up in my estimation at times he could hardly bend down to pick up the ball let alone pass it. A brave attempt!!

    Piri Weepu will add to our ruck defense and needs redemption after last years selection fiasco.

    Can we pick a trio of loose forwards that do not all want to be N08's. Back rows are about balance and we have lost sight of that.

    Reminds of 1971 when we picked loose forwards to play prop and lost to the Lions. Yes I am old and still think of the All Blacks as a team not a brand.

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  • Hard News: So far from trivial,

    a fascinating essay about the changing face of evangelical Christianity in America, ......... I'd love to have such an authoritative eye as Pew's on our own Christian movements.

    Can I suggest that if you want an authoritative view of conservative Utopian thought ( including religion) that you read "Black Mass" by John Gray published by Penguin ISBN 978-0-14102-598-8. He provides a fascinating insight into "religious politics" and "thought".

    It is not surprising if you read the book why a switch from Democrat to Republican is taking place should it be seen the Democrats will gain power.

    He discusses the fact that politics of the right and left may be less focused on traditional values. The neo conservatives came from the Trotskyite left thinkers (Utopians) to where they are today. He starts the book by saying that "Modern Politics is a chapter in the history of religion". A must read for all students of the subject.

    Sorry to try to move away from Mr Vietch but someone had to so many opinions!!!

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  • Hard News: The Mood,

    Jude Dobson should be PM having succeeded Judy Bailey

    Now that is a good idea instead of endless hours of political name calling in the name of electioneering we could have a homeopathic hour with Jude telling us what remedies to take to make us get better!!

    It could be used reduce health spending and encourage people to lose weight. There are so many benefits that would come from having Jude as PM. She might also know enough to reorganize Pharmac and get a higher priority for all those drug companies excellent products she is always telling us about.

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  • Speaker: Who is the bigger dick?,

    James Cowan is the winner is there is to be only one.

    Rugby at the AB level is a mental game. Would a man who cannot stop drinking when it obviously going to get him into trouble have the mental capacity to do the right thing in a tight game. I sympathise with his problem but he is at least a sportsman Gimelwho??

    Comparison on the other hand are odious why not make them joint Dick(s) of the week.

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  • Island Life: Hunting Squirrels,

    One of the key elements of this Labour Government has been the support given to Helen by Michael Cullen. He has never tried to usurp Helen and has been the architect of so many of the good polices. Like all good support players he is thought of by some as arrogant. My top five would be:

    1. Kiwisaver and the Cullen fund as it will help to offset the cost of our Superannuation
    2. Re-emergence of training for young people (apprenticeships) particularly in trade related areas
    3. The reinvestment in infrastructure
    4. A graduate who is paying off their interest free student loan and choosing to stay in NZ as a result.
    5. Cullen work since he took over Treaty negotiations is indicative of his skill as an administrator.

    I personally think that health is still a work in progress, they have made a start but there is so much still to do and with an ageing population that situation will not improve in the short term. I do not agree that Doctors are creaming it. If it were true would not be suffering a shortage of GP’s. Try to get one on the West Coast or in the Hutt Valley.

    I agree with John Morrison that support for the lower & middle class has been good although memories are short in this area.

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  • Speaker: What goes on tour,

    The problem isn't the argument that women need to take more care in where they get drunk and who they do it with ....................

    Lucy I do agree with most of what you said in this post so withdraw the comment on your responsibility. But l do think men are responsible for their own actions.

    What, not prosecuted?


    "Misdemeanor". Classy way to talk about rape.

    isn't that the point, if found guilty it ceases to be a misdemeanor and becomes a...... Of course some people work on the no smoke without fire principle.

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  • Speaker: What goes on tour,

    Everyone chiming in with an opinion based on half baked 'knowledge'.

    Thank you Nick for stating the obvious. It was about time someone did

    Lucy, you are not responsible for "policing" my sexuality.

    As a heterosexual male I agree with Craig.

    A reasonable compromise might be:

    If the allegations were true then the rugby players should be censored.
    Can we avoid blaming the whole team based male sportsman in the meantime.

    Can we accept that women quite properly leap to the aid of their sisters and men to defend their brothers.

    In the absence of proof we are better to let matters take their course and wait until a misdemeanor is proved.

    Is it reasoable to assume that high profile sportsman who get drunk in public and women who seek their company in the small hours of the morning are probably showing poor judgment.

    Finally the police may just have wanted to be in Christchurch to see the game or is that being too cynical!!!

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  • Hard News: Travelling Gravely,

    At the beginning of the year I flew to Auckland on one of the Virgin deals cost me $50 from memory.

    The cab ride home to Eastboune cost $70. I wonder what law of economics applied?

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