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Name and Snipe

Tsk tsk, Ogilvy Interactive. Bad ad agency. What are you doing fouling up the Herald website with your lousy-ass Flash ad for American Express (It's "More than Just a Card"!)? All that sprite-scaling animation crap looks like a dog and doesn't even run properly (it jerks like a talkback host).

Did you even user-test this, hur? It chews up a huge chunk of my CPU, makes tabbed-browsing excrutiatingly slow, and sucks the juice right out of my laptop. Clearly, you didn't think carefully about users on mobile platforms, or the user experience at all. (Or maybe you just did some really godawful coding.)

So thoughtless. Fo' shame.

I *was* going to get myself an American Express card and buy some... um... expensive watches with it. But now that I've had a negative-brand-experience-to-the-max, I will put it on my MasterCard instead.

Fine, that's a complete lie. I prefer to pay in unmarked, small denomination bills. But I did get my news from Stuff today, because my laptop goes up by around 10 degrees when I open up news on the Herald page (it did before, too, but I just hadn't figured out that it was those friggin' American Express ads).

So, am I on a crusade against advertising in the media? Not really. I'm just a pissed off user today. And consumer activism is fun.

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