Hard News by Russell Brown


The Orcon Great Blend featuring the Great Geek-Off

It's time for another Orcon Great Blend! This one, two weeks from today, is about the community -- no fancy foreign guests, but, we hope, lots of fun. The main event is the Great Geek-Off: a quiz, yet so much more. You may recognise some of the names.

Earlier, Nat Torkington will run a series of lightning (ie: 5 minute) Ignite presentations from a bunch of clever, interesting people. And later, Peter "Dubdotdash" McLennan will perform as Dub Asylum.

In keeping with the community vibe, we've put some of the budget we're not spending on carbon miles into some food from Toto restaurant, and thanks to Monteith's, Kim Crawford wines and Eden Coffee, we're able to offer the drinks a friendly price and the coffee for free.

And, thanks to Orcon, it's all free. You can go here to RSVP.

Advisory: We're holding the last 60 RSVPs until 7.30pm tonight, just to give some home users a chance for once.

They'll be available after that time.

If it looks like it's going to fill up before our home users get a look in, I'll pause on taking RSVPs until this evening, but we'll see how we go. Anyway, the details ...


6.30pm, Thursday June 11
Monte Christo Room
Toto restaurant
53 Nelson Street
Aucland CBD

Master of Ceremonies:

Russell Brown

Featuring The Great Geek-Off between ...

Team XX

Emma Hart
Helen "Ms Behaviour" Baxter (The G33k Show)
Brenda Leeuwenberg (NZ On Screen)


Team XY

Keith Ng
Wammo (Kiwi FM)
David Farrier (TV3)


Ignite, run by Nat Torkington, featuring lightning 5-minute presentations by:

Justine Sanderson (Userfaction usability expert)
David Slack (Bridge guerrilla)
Fabiana Kubke (Neuroscientists)
Steve Adams (Made from New Zealand)
Helen "Ms Behaviour" Baxter (The G33k Show)
Ed Corkery (Koordinates)

Entertainment by:

Peter McLennan (DJ) and Peter McLennan as Dub Asylum

Out-of-towners accommodated by:

The Quadrant Hotel Auckland

Food by:


Refreshments by:

Kim Crawford wines
Eden Coffee

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