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Some Friday business

We pre-recorded the Media7 Christmas Eve special last night, with commentary from Damian Christie, John Dybvig, Hazel Phillips, Vaughn Davis, Gemma Gracewood and Glenn 'Wammo' Williams – and a special performance by James 'Lawrence Arabia' Milne, who was fabulous. We commissioned a 2009-news-themed song from James, in which a great deal of apologising is done.

James has also, of course, reassembled the Reduction Agents for tonight's Orcon Great Blend Christmas Party (yes, they'll play various Lawrence Arabia songs). If you've RSVPd for the Ignite session, that'll tart at 6.30pm, so don't be late. If you're coming after 7.30, be aware that the Reduction Agents will start about 8.45pm. Wear your dancing shoes. Seriously.

We had a little whoopsie yesterday, upon discovery that we didn't have a wine sponsor to keep down drink prices tonight – no fault of Matawhero, who are helping us plenty already, but a miscommunication that didn't become evident until the last moment.

So thanks to Jayson at The Wine Vault and Aaron at Fiasco Wines for coming to the party at short notice yesterday. You guys are total champs.


Meanwhile, you may be interested in last night's Media7, where Lance Wiggs and Julie Star discussed Murdoch v Google; Gemma Gracewood, Paul Casserly and Troy Ferguson talked about 95bFM; and Sue Chetwin came in for a crisp interview about the role of Consumer NZ. (See if you can spot the edit point in the first panel, where I had to stop and have a coughing fit. That was weird.)


Some of my Top Shelf Productions friends have been involved with Mike King's Nutters' Club radio show on Radio Live for some time, and have won funding for a TV version that will launch on Maori Television early next year.

They're taping the radio show itself on Sunday night, so if you want to call in and discuss mental health issues in a supportive, unpretentious environment, tune in at 8pm. (Actually, tune in at 7pm and you'll hear Public Address Radio before hand.)

You can become a fan of the Nutters' Club on Facebook too.

On a related note, my old friend Michael "Woody" Woodnorth. Who I know had been struggling with his mental health for some time, checked out this week. I was so sad to hear that. His funeral will be held today in Timaru. RIP, Woody. You had great taste.


Also, Giovanni has informed of A Celebration of Life, a music and dance event staged by Lucy Bennett to raise finds for head and neck cancer support. Lucy, a survivor herself, is looking to purchase an artwork for the relevant cancer ward, among other things.

And, finally before I scurry off and do various errands for this evening, this Chinese news item, re-creating Tiger Woods' unfortunate incident, is the freakiest thing I've seen all week.

And, it being Friday, the rest is over to you …

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