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  • Hard News: The Music for Occasions, in reply to JacksonP,

    I'mma have a PARTY on Saturday.

    Fiddy, innit? Right then. I'm leadin' out with this...

    I always liked this version...

    Me & the hubcap are currently planning our 20th wedding anniversary gig... we'll be having it at our friends' bar, with 3-4 local bands & a DJ (all friends of ours) providing hours & hours of musical goodness ranging from jazz to pop, from folk to dubstep. It's a damn fine excuse for a party - as is yours! Cheers/congrats etc :)

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  • Up Front: Making It Better, in reply to Emma Hart,

    Watch your language. We do have an utterly conditioned basic assumption that everyone we meet is heterosexual-monogamous-vanilla

    Heh... We were discussing the original Ellen DeGeneres show in a UC post-grad media class last year, although I think the lecturer and I were the only ones who were old enough to have watched it on tv when it first screened. Anyways, when I mentioned the change in flavour on the show as it became more & more focused on her/the character's sexuality, my lecturer assumed it was due to my heterosexual viewpoint.
    All I said was 'no, not necessarily'.
    In a class that consisted of myself & 5 early/mid 20's women (the lecturer & I are of similar age), I didn't feel like initiating a discussion about sexuality & non-monogamy with a group of younguns who were still contemplating their first 'real' job after graduation. I just didn't have the mental energy... Maybe one day I'll feel differently, who knows.

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  • Hard News: One man’s Meat Puppets is…,

    I don’t think this crime against non-hearing impaired people has been mentioned yet:

    or indeed this one

    you can thank me later

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  • Hard News: Nobody wanted #EQNZ for Christmas,

    Our backyard has a few new humps, the driveway has a few different levels, & some of the internal house cracks have joined hands. Meh, it's a rental so therefore not our problem.

    My emotions are on a more even keel today, as is the land, although we could've done without the 6.40am wakeup shake. The biggest annoyance about this latest quake swarm is that it resets the insurance clocks in terms of new insurance policies. I'm also hoping it doesn't deflect from the righteous indignation over Marryatt's payrise.

    Righto, off to do the supermarket shop that was the subject of quakus-interruptus yesterday. Then onto the Xmas baking :)

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  • Hard News: It was a munted year,

    Onya Geoff, much obliged. That obscene payrise is the second thing that's made me shout at the paper in recent days (the first was a total rates rebate for Port Hills 'rock-risk' evictees).

    I rather enjoyed reading the Press letters page today - every single one of them expressing various shades of outrage at the total disconnect between pay, performance & the rest of the universe...

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  • Hard News: The Public Address Word of…,

    If we're allowed to vote for least-liked word/s of the year, you know, the ones we'd like to see crawl off and die somewhere, my votes go to resilient and stoic.
    Sooooo over it, in every which way.

    Bah Humbug to Xmas, roll on Rhythm & Alps.

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  • Hard News: Flying Nun: Thirtysomething,

    The Flying Nun gigs this weekend have been most excellent. Friday night was pretty cool (especially Shayne Carter's 'Joe 90') but the story of the weekend came from last night's gig, with Delaney Davidson opening for a re-formed HDU.

    If you've ever seen Delaney perform live, you'll know he's a master of the loop pedal, artfully layering tracks to create an entire orchestra. About halfway through his set, he asked if we were ready for the dancing competition. Bemused looks and giggles rippled through the crowd, and he started laying down his tracks, building up a complex rhythm. Just when you thought he couldn't possibly add anything more, he stopped, put down his guitar and stepped into the crowd.

    Taking the nearest female by the arm, he started waltzing with her. After engaging a male to take his place, he repeated the process, encouraging others to do the same. As hubby & I started dancing, the guy next to us turned to a woman he didn't know, and made the universal gesture for 'shall we?'.

    Soon, almost the entire crowd was dancing - all soft 'n gentle, like. As he left the dancefloor, Delaney threw a bunch of fake Chinese banknotes up in the air and they fluttered down like oversized confetti. Strangers, friends, lovers - all were dancing the slow-shuffle waltz while the one-man-band played on.

    It was a truly magical moment. Seriously, if you ever get the chance, see this man live. And enjoy the dance competition - it's a wonderful, magical moment that will warm your heart. I'm still smiling about it now :)

    TLDR? Delaney Davidson: must see

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  • Hard News: Guess that Prince thing was…, in reply to Russell Brown,

    I follow him and Leftside Wobble – both old-schoolers from Britain – on Soundcloud and I do dream of getting Leftside over to play a Public Address event one day.

    oh please continue to work on that idea for a PA gig.... if it does happen, I'll be there with bells on*
    that dude makes some mighty fine sounds & perfect grooves, am often listening to Leftside while writing/working :)

    *virtual bells only... otherwise it's getting perilously close to the Morris...

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  • Hard News: A work of art called Chimney Book, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    Your media selections for info received during quakes doesn't include...

    ...there's always the 'other' option ;)

    anyways, it's good to hear that some useful communication went on in your neck of the woods.

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  • Field Theory: Rugby World Cup stories,

    When I was a young lass of about 13, I cut out a picture of David Kirk from The Press & pinned it to my bedroom wall. He was holding the Webb Ellis trophy above his head after the Baby Black's triumphant campaign. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that here we'd all be - almost a quarter of a century later - still waiting for another man in black to hoist the cup aloft.

    I kept that faded, yellowing newsprint photo on my wall for years, until it got kinda sad to look at. The picture may have long gone but the hope remains.

    Silly, foolish me.

    The other sad part about this RWC is that I would have been at every single Chch game... sure, I would have been working, but I would have been there. I'm still a bit gutted about that.

    Go the All Blacks.

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