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Ready to Fly

This is how busy I am: for the past two weekends I have forgotten to make my Virtual Super 14 picks. The system has instead chosen "home teams by 13 and over" for me. As a consequence, I have cascaded down the rankings. I was comfortably in the top 10,000 -- this morning my dizzying descent finds me at 37345 on the table.

But it's worth it. Really. I have a TV show called Media7 debuting this week on TVNZ 7, and most of the surprising number of small tasks that do not directly relate to the content of the programme have been completed.

We have lined up an interesting discussion on the role of the media in high-profile criminal cases, Simon Pound has a story on why four pages of your Sunday magazine were missing a couple of weeks ago (what do you mean, you didn't notice?) and we have a really cool TV ad to show you.

My fellow bloggers will be on deck this week, and you won't get the usual unlikely torrent of prose from me. I'll pop in on Thursday with links to the various internet iterations of our work, on the main site, TVNZondemand and, yes, even YouTube.

In the meantime, I'd like to invite some of you to our first recording, early evening tomorrow in the Auckland CBD. So there are three double passes for the first three people to hit "Reply" and RSVP to me. (If you miss out, don't fret: this will be happening every week for most of the year.)

UPDATE: All gone, sorry! There's always next week.

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