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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Golden Dawn is…,

    I kept listening to 'The Reflex' after that track and now enjoying Grapevine re-imagination also on the same album. Grapevine is seriously brilliant. Better than the original.

    Seems like the whole album would be a great party starter. You think you know the songs but then they up and transform in this revision / remix whatever it is.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: NME – it was…,

    A great read thanks Dave and Russell for the starter.

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  • Hard News: Memories of the news,

    As a child of the 60’s the radio was the main medium for most of that decade. I do recall the Peter Snell Gold Medal and the Wahine disaster. Later on the Apollo landing on the moon on 10 July 1969 was it? (Looked it up was 20th of July 69)

    We were told something like you will remember where you were when this happened by our teachers and I we listened to a radio broadcast in our classroom. I thought I’d do some thing so I retied the laces in my shoes so I could remember it.

    I think that moon landing might have been the first TV news we saw.

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  • Hard News: #OrconIRL: The runsheet and…,

    What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Thanks for putting these events on. I heard more than enough insights from the attendees both on the stage and off it.

    What stayed with me though were the comments by Tina about having a seat at the table. I work at the edge of lots of projects around the place and I would echo that. There are often a handful of the same people involved in many projects and they would love more input from all of us.

    What I liked about this IRL was the sheer range of topics. Everything from Brexit to data journalism. I thought ex Waikato farmer John Lord might have got a namecheck on the legalisation talk although maybe the mentions of Colorado implied that.

    I wish I had written it down but perhaps best quote came from Harkanwal Singh who was surprised to learn that a story didn’t need to be true to get published or something along those lines.

    His comments about how stories get up to 2 hrs of prime space and then they disappear if they don’t get clicks seems right but it is still worrisome. It does mean that editors are not being editorial they are going for the lowest quality metric.

    Now watching the video so I can check that one and it is:

    "Things don’t have to be true to be published"

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  • Hard News: Communications breakdown,

    Perhaps because it wasn’t a public transport initiative, the multi-million-dollar bungle with the “dead” lane on the St Lukes interchange never seems to have registered as a headline.

    Somewhat bemused at this one. From what I can tell the lane on the bridge is closed because they couldn't bowl the 6 trees. The off ramp from the motorway on that side was also bungled which is probably a contributing factor.

    Why can't it be used as a cycle lane at least?

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  • Hard News: The climate changed,


    I wonder if the graphic might be useful.

    PDF link below

    Some good news tucked away about ozone levels dropping :)

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  • Hard News: All Change, in reply to BenWilson,

    This here, what happened yesterday, is why we chose MMP, more than once. It’s politics of consensus, it’s lots of talk and a lot less arbitrary power and arrogance.

    I like it. I heard an interview this morning on Radio NZ. Note:
    It was Annette King

    Someone asked about Winston and the Bolger government. That didn’t collapse till Shipley took power in a coup. Apparently she had been undermining Peters previously and that is what happened. People don’t remember the full context.

    I am not a fan of Peters but he has been around since the 70’s and he clearly has some skills in the back room. I’m happy the Greens have a seat at the table this time even if it is slightly removed. That is just the way the votes came out.

    If the Greens had 9 seats the NZF had 8 I doubt a deal could have been done so this is great.

    Bill English has made history it being the second time he has inherited a prime ministership only to lose it all.

    We need some vision and leadership and going with a new government is much smarter than retreading the same old team for a fourth term.

    I’m hoping National might even be a half way decent opposition. There are plenty of ( now ex) cabinet ministers that needed to wake up.

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  • Hard News: Cycle infrastructure: the…, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Thanks Russell. I had seen photos before but the stone wall made me think it was at Greenlane.

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  • Legal Beagle: Election 2017: the no…, in reply to Nick Kearney,

    I suspect if there wasn't a threshold more parties would be formed, and therefore more parties represented in parliament.

    I agree. Removal of the threshold would change voter behaviour. One recommendation back in 2012 was to drop from 5% to 4% - maybe that is part of the answer. Not complete removal but a different %

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  • Hard News: Cycle infrastructure: the…,

    Where is that first photo (rainbow one) taken please. A street address.

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