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I'm very pleased with this week's Media7, which marks both our 50th show and our one-year anniversary. The first part of the show is an interview with Tim Pankhurst, the departing editor of the Dominion Post, which covers a fair bit of ground.

We discussed what journalism training does and doesn't provide (recruits have to be taught "to recognise a news story", says Pankhurst), and the importance of spotting gifted investigative journalists such as Phil Kitchin and giving them the space to do their work.

And the remainder is a discussion of the Official Information Act -- how it works and how it doesn't -- with Nicky Hager, DomPost chief reporter Haydon Dewes, and PSA national secretary Brenda Pilott. Simon Pound provides a tutorial on how to make your own OIA request.

Oh, and you might find the Newsmash at the end of the show amusing.

It's on ondemand now with other versions available via our TVNZ microssite.

I also thought I'd try embedding the YouTube versions here for once:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Update: Here's an edit of just the Newsmash ...

And no, I'm not sure why the clips are in different aspect ratios.

Brian Edwards has a new website, Brian Edwards Media. The idea is that his considerable opinions will sustain traffic to the site, which also provides a home for his media consultancy.

Drinnan speculates that TVNZ might be interested in acquiring the now-collapsed Alt TV.

I'm impressed with this month's Metro magazine -- especially with Donna Chisholm's cover story on the Capri clinic and its, er, colourful founder, Tom Claunch. If Chisholm's new role as "editor at large" is going to produce this kind of writing, I think that's a good thing.

The free concert by Pitch Black and the Lewis McAllum Orchestra in Beresford Square tonight looks like a good one. We have a Public Address dinner nearby this evening, so if you go to the gig, you might just see the legendary David Haywood.

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