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Nurturing Capitalism

What with being personally responsible for blogosphere diversity and the fate of The Left, as well as fangin' it on my new Broil King barbecue, I have rather carelessly neglected to try and sell you anything. Well, It's Business Time …

Because it's Christmas, and nothing says you care like e-commerce does. First up, there's …

The Public Address Big Stereo Bundle Volume 2

We're All Lions -- Coshercott Honeys
Starry Eyes --White Birds and Lemons
Her Hairagami Set -- The Brunettes
Those Great Big Puppy Eyes - Chris Knox and the Nothing
High Five -- Sola Rosa
Outside - Cocoa Electro w/ The Soul Agent
Alab-Jazz -- Bhakti P
Broadcast O.R. -- Newmatics
Sunshine Science Dub - B-Side All Stars
Tele ia Ole Sami -- Bill Sevisi featuring the Yandall Sisters

It's another mix of old and new MP3 downloads that you'll struggle to keep on one playlist. You've got the new young sound of Devonport with the Coshercott Honeys and and White Birds and Lemons, delectable pop from the Brunettes, and that Chris Knox song you can't get out of your head. There are two selections ('Outside' and 'Sunshine Science Dub' from the folks at B-Side records in Raglan (check out their website for good free stuff) and Sola Rosa's mood classic 'High Five'. There's Bhakti P's Asian fusion and the title track from the Newmatics long out-of-print 'Broadcast O.R.' and just to be representing, a lovely tune from Bill Sevisi and the Yandall Sisters.

And it'll all cost you only $15 for $20 of culture. 60% of that goes to the artist, and we share the balance, after transaction costs, with the good people at Amplifier. Get it here.

But wait! There's more!

I'm offering you some hot new pricing on books by Public Address bloggers.

Great New Zealand Argument: Ideas About Ourselves (still the only place you can buy important works by Robin Hyde, Bill Pearson, David Lange and Tze Ming Mok new in print) is now $24.95, and David Slack's more-relevant-than-ever Civil War and Other Optimistic Predictions is a scorching $20. Or you might choose to buy both of those plus Graham Reid's Postcards from Elsewhere in the Bloggers' Triple Pack for only $60. That’s like getting one whole book for free!

Shop here for these great bargains.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere -- and proving that Deborah Coddington will be right about something if you just wait long enough -- Steven Price is now officially a blogger. His Media Law Journal is excellent. His most recent post is an account of Dominion Post editor Tim Pankhurst's address to the Jeanz conference, in which he discussed the paper's decision to run with the 'Terrorism Files' story.

People will doubtless differ on the merits of that decision, but as Steven points out, Pankhurst's willingness to discuss it stands in contrast to "the appallingly craven refusal of the editorial team at the NZ Herald to front up and answer questions about their campaign against the Electoral Finance Bill."

Our friends at Spare Room have quite the prize: a trip for two to the Gold Coast. You'll need to sign up to their mailing list to enter. Go here for details.

Public Address also has a daily mailing list you can subscribe to too. No prizes, but.

We also have a bevy of PA bloggage for you today. Jolisa discusses recent debates about, well, us; Keith despairs of the flaming political rhetoric to which he has returned; Fiona picks the Shorty killer; and David Haywood is turning gay for Public Address.

And this is your last chance to vote for The Public Address Word(s) of the Year 2007.

And that's it. Should I cook a butterflied chicken tonight? Seared tuna? Or just the sausages?

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