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Most Discursive Website

Nielsen's monthly split of New Zealand web audiences came through today. We're back around to 'Blog and Message Board Contributors -- Most Oriented Sites'. To translate: that's the website tracked by Nielsen whose audience has the highest proportion of active contributors to messages boards, blogs and online discussions.

I like to sum it up as "most discursive website". Which is us. We've topped this particular table before, but this time we really topped it.

I think this says everything you need to know about the culture of this place. I suppose I should take some credit -- my main influence is, I think, being a warm body here nearly all the time -- but it's really about all of you and the kind of people you are.

We've seen a brilliant example of the discursive culture here with the launch of Capture. A photoblog. Hey, yeah, there are lots of photoblogs -- but I've never seen one where the audience took up the ability to upload their own images and immediately started having conversations in pictures. It's really, really remarkable.

I'll be getting you all involved again later in the week when I kick off the Public Address Word of the Year discussion (please try and wait until I actually do that, though!), and I'll be inviting you to name a new blog I want to launch next year. There will be prizes.

But for now, thank you. Thank you all.

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