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In The Green Room

Update: here we go, folks: an embedded player so you can watch The Green Room withouthaving to go to any other websites ...

Next Thursday, John Key and David Cunliffe will meet in the first TVNZ leaders' debate. At the same time, Green Party co-leaders Metiria Turei and Russel Norman will appear in The Green Room, a "companion" debate streamed live online.

I'll be hosting The Green Room on the same basis that Finlay Macdonald did it last election: it's a paid gig (ie: I'll be paid by Zoomslide, the company hired by the Green Party to produce the event) . I'm not a Green Party member or even voter.

But I know some Public Address readers are or might be both and I think it would be good to get you involved. There will be a few things happening in the webcast, but most of the talking will be before and after the TVNZ debate -- and during the ad breaks in it. The idea is that you can flip between screens. It should be fun.

I will be asking actual questions of the Green co-leaders on policy areas traversed in the televised debate and others besides. I'm keen for Public Address readers to propose and discuss questions for next Thursday. You can read the Greens' policy positions here and their fiscal costings are here. I'm looking for thoughtful questions, not softballs.

With all the blathering about "the blogs", it seems useful to demonstrate that blogs can also be places where people engage in good faith about things that matter to them. Jonathan Mosen's recent post The Problem with the Greens' Disability Policy -- A Description, which drew a good response from the party's disability spokesperson Mojo Mathers, is an example of how things can be, and I'll look to provide more of that before the election.

But for now, make a note in your diary for The Green Room.

The Green Room

6.30pm - 8.30pm 

Thursday August 28


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