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Grown men might weep at the rucking

We're used to the feeling of being taken virtually inside the sporting experience by modern media technology -- but even in the age of the high-definition-super-slow-mo-close-up, there's still something to see in Arthur Everard's award-winning 1980 short film Score.

Everard's document of the French rugby team's 1979 New Zealand tour depicts the pre-professional game: the players are not yet hulks and there is far less of an emphasis on collision. But the many contests for the ball -- all in slow-motion, all set to Tchaikovsky -- are absorbing to watch. And the rucking! Grown men might weep.

You can see Score in full, thanks to Archives New Zealand, here at NZ On Screen.


On a less elevated plain, I think last night's Media7 came out pretty well. The first panel looks at the way the banking industry is covered in the media, and the second, with Warwick Brown and the Hamishes Keith and Coney looks to get a fix on art in the recession.

It's here on TVNZ ondemand.

The podcast is here.

It should be up on the YouTube channel within the day.


And that might just do. I'll post a new "auto-tune the news" clip in the discussion thread (there's a frankly disturbing part with Glenn Beck and a cow), and you can feel free to regard this as Clips Friday.

Note that you only need to paste in the URL of your video clip to embed it here, and not the full embed code; and also that our player now handles DailyMotion and some other sites, as well as good old YouTube.

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