Hard News by Russell Brown


#eqnz: Okay?

Earthquake news comes with baggage these days. We know what happens and we know what happens afterwards. It's rotten news to wake up to in Auckland. We slept through it, but it's a measure of the magnitude of last night's quake that things were swaying in the CBD and at Auckland Hospital. And that never happens.

The Facebook check-ins worked. It was nice to be able to tick off a long list of friends at 6am. Our respective parents are fine. Mum, in Paraparaumu, was thrown out of bed by the big one, but had no idea there might have been a tsunami danger. Fiona's mum's in Leithfield Beach, which was was evacuated on the tsunami warning and is with relatives in Hororata, having not slept a lot.

You all good, friends?

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