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Cracker: It's a Wonderful Thing

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  • Sacha, in reply to Jacqui Dunn,


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  • Ross Mason,

    Yes I see we lost 6. I was doing the usual malesurf and couldn't find the documentary channel either. Just had another check and yup, gorn. BBC Knowledge replacing it.

    I DO see RT up and running on Sky. Television Ruskie. That should be contrast to Fox!!!

    Damien: Manapouri campaign. The Shah of Iran's visit and Ian Fraser's "shocking anti royal" interview.

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  • Ross Mason,

    Youse Aucklanders probably saw this in the granny about the news bits. WE down here didn't.

    So has Dick Driver bought youse guys up there a $6m drink? Not bad payout for about 4 years of endeavour.

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  • Damian Christie,


    TVNZ7 will still be TVNZ7 if it has advertising...And it seems like running costs are quite low, so just deal with a few less minutes of awesomeness per hour, and we don’t need to lose the great programming we’re now enjoying.(Or go PBS-style pledge-drive. Or convince the central government to continue funding it, good luck with that.)

    It's all been looked at by those in charge, who of course would love to keep the channel. And surprisingly to most outsiders at least, it just doesn't work like that. A channel needs a huge market share to be commercially profitable by selling ads - TVNZ 7 would need minimum of about $15m a year apparently to maintain a reasonable standard, and projected ad revenue would only be a fraction of that ($2-3m is the estimate, and that's assuming it doesn't cannibalise TVNZ's other channels).

    Subscriber doesn't really work either, unless the audience is a lot larger (and willing to pay a lot more) than anyone could possible imagine.

    Which leaves Govt funding.

    @Hilary - TVNZ 6 has gone (unrelated to the funding cuts, or at least unrelated to this week's decision by the Govt) but a lot has been merged into TVNZ 7 (which is of course, now, soon to be gone) so should've made TVNZ 7 stronger still. Of course it depends which bits of TVNZ 6 you liked, and whether those are the bits that've moved.

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  • Hilary Stace,

    Thanks for another wonderful episode of our historical fragments, Damian. I remember Ponsonby when it looked like that. I wonder what Brian Edwards thinks about his 1960s reduction of the Pasifika population to just one male - eg 'the Polynesian [all 5 syllables] has come to Ponsonby to seek better prospects for his family'.

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