Hard News by Russell Brown


A modest appeal

Earlier this year, and for the first time, I solicited donations to help cover Public Address's development costs. The response was quite humbling. I was able to pass on more than $5000 to our wonderful developers, CactusLab.

I hadn't planned to ask again this year, but I've decided it's a good idea to do so, given that I have plans for next year and I'd like to pay down a chunk of our outstanding bill before Christmas to clear the way for that work.

We have actually had paying advertising lately, but it's tough out there and we're currently at the mercy of other companies' cashflow, with no certainty as to when we get what. I also work at one of those glamorous jobs where they don't pay you holiday pay over summer.

Do not feel compelled in any way to donate (especially if your donation means someone who really needs help or seasonal joy misses out). Public Address is free for all.

All donations will go towards Public Address development costs.

You can use internet banking to transfer to this bank account (make the reference "PA"):

030255 0166635 00

Or you can click this here PayPal button:

Thanks for being around this year, people. You're an amazing bunch. Cheers.

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