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  • Hard News: (Good) Friday Music: In and…,

    Jeru the Damaja just got it totally wrong and spent the next hour and a half loudly and painfully dying. If he'd just shut up and rapped a few tunes ...

    Perfect Oro summary. Lots right, some things wrong, some things SO SO wrong (above). I'd go back, even without underworld.

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  • Hard News: On seclusion rooms,


    Even the phrase "sensory deprivation room" sounds a bit grim: it's not as if there is no sensory stimulation, just a lot less of it. Even the darkness is relevant – some autistic people find fluourescent lighting aggravating.

    Not sure I'm on the spectrum (or not enough to really qualify), but find fluro's quite annoying and flickery, and CRT's under 75hz were even worse - I love that everything is LCD now - no more headaches from that. And after 7 years in London, it really made me value quiet time - hence where we live now (Waiheke), and why I'm REALLY protective of my own quiet space and time now.

    I'm curious if you or your boys (well, men) have tried a float tank? There are a couple in Auckland, I use the one in Mt Eden by the prison/fightclub - Floatworks. Best way to turn off all the things and sit in that space between awake and asleep. I'd use it daily if I had one in the back yard....

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  • Speaker: After the Apocalypse,

    Thanks Clinton - and Russell - reminds me (esp the photos) of my trip there in 2012 or so. One of the most interesting and fascinating places I've ever been. I'd love to go back and spend more time there.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: What Alltracks…,

    I'd never heard much of Hot Chocolate outside of a couple of their hits (you sexy thing and everyone's a winner)

    But "Emma" is fantastic. Spooky, haunting, beautiful and dark.

    I just hope it came out of someone's imagination, and not personal experience. I suspect not tho :(

    Thanks Russ.

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  • Access: Your Relationship With Disability,

    Righto then:

    (G) I do not know much about disability but I’m interested.
    (H) Other – please describe.

    I'm an app developer (amongst other things) and where possible, I try to make sure my apps are as accessible as possible, especially to visually impaired people (if I have the term wrong, sorry - still getting used to whats "correct"). I even won an award/contest for it from Transport for London, which I was quite chuffed about.

    Planning on doing a similar app for Auckland when I get time and can work out if the APIs are freely available.

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  • Feed: My Life in Curry,

    I found, in general, the curry in London to be a bit lack-luster. I longed for some of the more spicy NZ ones, and usually partook when we came back (back for good now, had a few and enjoyed them very much). The exception was the Lahore Curry House in E1 ( Dodgy as hell area, but it was like walking into a Chinese restaurant in Auckland and being the only non-Chinese there. So, so, so so good.

    I do remember ordering a take away one in Santa Barbara, and ordering hot. The Souther Californians know hot, and it was close on inedible.

    We've been watching Rick Stien's India recently, which is a great series (iTunes UK I think - might be on Netflix or maybe even iTunes NZ?). Not good to watch over dinner tho!

    Must be lunch time...

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  • Hard News: Dressing for the Road, in reply to Clive Candy,

    Clive, to Boris' credit (tho I really don't like giving the pompous arse any at all), he's extended the scheme well.

    Well, he's managed to put it in all the places I've lived, AFTER I moved out. So expect it in Fulham/Putney etc by the end of this year, when we move back to NZ...

    they are good, tho I still will not ride in London with a helmet, which kind of kills the spontaneity of it. But I value whats in my head more than almost anything else....

    Back when it first came out, I even wrote an app for it :)

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  • Hard News: Dressing for the Road,

    Throwing my 2p in, 'cos I'm still in London, and it's above 10deg here now! Tried it on the iPad, but the POST button doesn't work :(

    I go with mostly what RussB has - a "plastic" tshirt, a pair of lycra, padded pants with shorts over the top (and I wear those same shorts at work - yay for being a developer), and if it's a bit colder, a light rain jacket thing which breaks the wind nicely.

    I have pedals which are both normal and clipped (one on each side). I wear clips if I don't need a specific pair of shoes at work, which is most of the time.

    Cycle to work is a nice, flat, fast 6k's (London, Fulham to Chiswick), so I usually dont need a shower at the end, just a cool off and re-apply the deodorant, tho I keep a towel here just incase. I work with people who would tell me (nicely) if I did stink, which is good. Hasn't happened yet.

    Thinking of adding some pannier bags, tho - I sweat less if I dont have a bag on, and I have to take something, as you almost need an armed guard around your bike to stop it being nicked...

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  • Hard News: Media7 will soon be Media3, in reply to Russell Brown,

    how much is geoblocked

    I'm not sure - ive not tried.

    Just tried it. Campbell live appears to work.

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  • Hard News: Media7 will soon be Media3,

    Excellent news! (you could have taken the opportunity to rename it Hardnews, for old times sake!)

    Is there still a plan to podcast it? Living in London, it's a great way to keep up with what's happening in NZ... (happy to help with that if needed)

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