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  • Access: Bubble of One,

    Thanks so much for this, Chelle. I live with a severe chronic illness and my life may not seem meaningful in economic terms, but it's meaningful to me. Hoping for the best, for all of us. xxxx

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  • Hard News: Rage and change: RNZ's music problem,

    CBC's TuneIn app is worth a look. Plenty of content, general and local: music, sports, podcasts and shows, with the option of making your own podcasts. Pretty good.

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  • Hard News: Rage and change: RNZ's music problem,

    Those who support Concert might like to sign the petition, which now has over 20,000 signatures.

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  • Hard News: Rage and change: RNZ's music problem,

    Concert plays a lot more than Classical music: they play orchestral music from all over Europe and spanning hundreds of years, plus contemporary and New Zealand composers; choral music; opera; jazz; visual arts interviews; contemporary ambient (I first heard Rhian Sheehan on Concert); and a lot more.

    They record and archive and play performances from the NZSO and Auckland Philharmonic as well as more specialised instrumental groups.

    The presenters have a depth of expert knowledge and an ongoing connection with both the performers and the audience. They're a community hub.

    There could be more Māori, Pasifika, and other non-European content, sure. Can't we add things rather than throwing Concert in the bin??

    So there is a limit to how many stations will fit on the FM band. Why can't we have internet radio for the local youth music? Surely the young folks are more likely to stream content on their phones than to listen to radio broadcasts.

    Let the older peeps keep their Concert on the radio and their mental health. Let the rest of us stream Concert+, which is all the current content plus added diversity. Everyone wins! It will cost more, but as Helen Clark said, "Some things are more important than money".

    Let's invest more in our culture, and expand our music industry and musical community in all its wonderful diversity. Maybe we could fund it by paying Peter Jackson a bit less.

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  • Speaker: The economics of shit speech,

    Excellent article here with the excellent news that The Guardian is making a profit without a paywall. One of their big things is soliciting donations from readers:

    Remember that people’s financial relationship with a publication isn’t purely transactional. “You write stories I want to read, I give you money” is one way to view the paid-reader relationship. But so are “I like what you stand for, I give you money,” “I want others to be able to read your stories, I give you money,” and “I want to be the sort of person who supports you, I give you money.” With a functionally infinite supply of free news available, the relationship your reader has to you has to be a lot more like the one public radio listeners have with their favorite station. They’re not buying access; they’re supporting a cause.

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  • Capture: Besties,

    PS there's a wonderful blog here on the keen folk at Otari Wilton's Bush hand-pollinating a rare (white) Bartlett's rātā this season.

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  • Capture: Besties, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Attachment Attachment Attachment

    a seasonal set-piece

    Flowering time for the southern rātā. A different style of tree from its cousin the pōhutukawa: it’s bushy and flowers all the way from head to toe.

    It's also a bee-magnet! You can't tell from the photos but this tree was surrounded by an almost solid halo of flying bees. One tree, supporting all that life.

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  • Hard News: A thundering clash of,

    Marama Davidson on Twitter today deserves a signal boost:

    Final reading of Treaty Settlements in House 2day. Relevant since our whole country is apparently outraged about historic lying & stealing.

    I give zero fucks about the details of Metiria Turei’s personal life, then or now. She stood up for those of us who are disenfranchised and despised. She did it because it was the right thing to do, not because it would be popular. She represented those of us too scared to speak for ourselves.

    We know benefits aren’t enough to live on. They’re designed not to be. This is wrong, much more wrong than the actions of any individual could possibly be.

    We also need an inquiry into the historic abuse of children in state care. While Metiria is excoriated for her devotion to her child, no one seems to give a rat’s arse about the thousands of children brutalised by the state.

    Not to mention the ongoing suffering of dispossessed Maori that Marama Davidson is talking about.

    Metiria and the Greens have cracked this conversation wide open. It’s not over.

    I’ve never belonged to a political party before, but I’ve just joined the Greens. It costs $20, or $5 for those of us on low incomes. Metiria’s just one person: together, we have the power to make NZ a better place.

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  • Hard News: Metiria's Problem,

    I am beyond sickened by the self-righteousness of Metiria's critics. We need to change the system, and not just the welfare system. This National government has had an unending stream of conflicts-of-interest and potential corruption. Bill English falsely claimed a housing allowance as an MP, and he gets to be PM? He's lied to the public just this week about his involvement with the Todd Barclay affair. But we're not being judgemental about that? The Attorney-General just had to resign, and the public still isn't allowed to know why.

    The hypocrisy just breaks my heart.

    Here's a link to a story about poverty and choices. Y'all should read it.

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  • Hard News: Our own fake news,

    It worries me that some of my highly-educated and otherwise intelligent friends won't take Snopes as the end of the discussion.
    Then it's "Oh yeah it's a badly written article. I'll have to find another one with citations cos this issue is important."
    "Well, it might not be right about everything but still some very valid points here".
    "Yeah it's fake, but still pretty interesting, right?"

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