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Wellingtonista and Want-mas

It’s that time of year again. When the jolly man with the beard comes to spread joy to everyone!

I am of course referring to Samuel F. Scott and the Bunnies on Ponies who will be playing at The Annual Wellingtonista Awards (the TAWAs) next Thursday (18th). Last year’s awards were spectacular, and this year will be much the same.

Voting opened two weeks ago and we have almost 900 votes (last year had 500, the year before 50) and just like last year the competition is fierce. So make sure your vote counts, yes we can.

And then make sure you make it to the awards (Mighty Mighty, Thursday 18, 7pm, $10) because not only is there Bunnies on Ponies, there is also Lonesome Cowboy and the Lap Stealers, and the first 50 peeps through the door get gift bags and we’ve got spot prizes to give away too: with swag from Adidas, Epic Beer, Good Magazine, The Back Bencher, NZonScreen, Pretty Pretty Pretty, The Film Archive, Linden Leaves, SuperVery and Webstock as well as some other potential sponsors. (and if you are a sponsor and want to add some stuff drop me a line)

You know you want to come along.


Emma’s post reminded me that I had written (and then lost on my hard drive somewhere) something about my favourite time of year: Christmas! Or rather, the time of the year that’s really busy, you give presents to each other and drink and eat waaaaay too much. I love it!

Obviously though people forget the reason for the season… um… Saturnalia?

Actually all I know is that when I constructed my Christmas list (used as a guide for family so I don’t get crap I have to pretend to like) I completely drew a blank. This is despite subscribing to Gizmodo, Engadget, Uncrate and other “want” oriented websites.

I had already mentioned casually to Amy how I would quite like things such as a science tshirt, and that I seriously need things like a big vinyl yeti. And while I do understand that it can be a perfectly enjoyable Christmas without USB “port” wine, I just can’t imagine how.

Yes it’s shallow but I really do love the giving/getting at Christmas. It’s so much fun spending time with people and making them happy with gifts and food and company. I’m an atheist so I get no spiritual enjoyment from the holiday; I just get a big kick out of the smiles.

So, I have to ask, what’s on your list?

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