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  • Speaker: Identification strategy: Now…, in reply to Russell Brown,

    I suppose the difference is that we already know what and where James Cameron is buying because the Overseas Investment Office is obliged to record and approve it and publish the details.

    James Cameron was buying what was deemed as sensitive land (farmland over 5ha or over 3ha near waterways) so needed OIO approval. If he was buying townhouses in Auckland may not have needed to follow the same processes.

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  • Legal Beagle: The Northland by-election;…,

    Thanks for the full explanation Graeme. And for providing links for enrollment.

    Several people I've talked to recently hadn't realised they needed to update details after moving or even adding a RAPID number - no, it's not done automatically.

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  • Hard News: The Digital Natives, in reply to AlistairC,

    "Let’s be clear… anywhere else in the world, it would be called the Pirate Party… but Dotcom is already in a power of sh*t with the FBI, so that name was out of the question."

    The name Pirate Party has already been used in NZ. Not actually a registered party at the moment though they say that they are working on it. They did have candidates in the 2011 General Election in a few electorates and also in the 2011 Botany by-election.

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  • Southerly: Tower Insurance Have Some Bad…,

    Meanwhile the insurers are in court to argue over whether AMI can trademark MY INSURANCE . From Stuff

    The main insurance firms have united in opposing the application and have appealed against the decision to the High Court in Wellington.

    Brendan Brown, QC, representing AA Insurance, IAG New Zealand, Tower Insurance and Vero Insurance, told the court yesterday that the "my" trademarks being sought by AMI were plain English terms in common use by the industry and its customers.

    And if the services are to be dug up, how do the green areas within red zones continue? Eg Landy Street, Dallington - numbers 16 to 41 are in the green zone and all other houses in the same street are red zoned.

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  • Hard News: Moving targets, in reply to Sam F,

    I had assumed Chris had done that deliberately. (If you click on the little red dot it connects to the resignation announcement today from Botany MP Pansy Wong). And further accusations from Labour about dodgy dealings.

    Or if you would prefer to see the link –

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  • Hard News: The Wellington Cables, in reply to Public Servant on a tea-break.,

    might be incompetence rather than conspiracy ….

    Undoubtedly, but it is unfortunate I couldn’t link to the piece online to back my statement up.

    Assume you meant the piece by Jonathan Marshall headlined Local media identities tracked. Was online, just not listed in the news headlines. Sometimes items on the Sunday Times website ( have slightly different support links than the exact same item on the website.

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  • Hard News: What about that Welfare…,

    From the Department of Labour summary of the latest Household Labour Force Survey:

    Labour market conditions improve strongly
    The latest HLFS showed that the labour market continued to recover over the September 2010 quarter. Employment rose by 1.0% and the unemployment rate declined from 6.9% to 6.4%. Despite the significant volatility seen in the HLFS data over the first three quarters of 2010, the September 2010 quarter results confirm that the unemployment rate has reached its peak and the labour market is improving.

    Sounds good. But if you look further, much of the increase is from a rise in the number of part-time jobs. The male unemployment numbers did drop but the female numbers rose.

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  • Hard News: Where nature may win,

    Just in:

    9.34am: The bore hole being drilled at Pike River has broken through into the mine.

    In its report, Newstalk ZB said a rush of hot gas came through when the final layer of rock was broken.

    And the restarted Army Robot got another 500 metres into the mine before running out of power.

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  • Southerly: When Otters Get Famous,

    From the Sunday Star Times (21/11/2010) - Sunday magazine -
    Steve Braunias column:

    Best children's book:

    The Hidden Talent of Albert Otter by David Haywood and Peter Adamson (Public Address Books, $19.95).

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  • Hard News: The Engagement, in reply to Jacqui Dunn,


    Jim Mora did the narration for Wonder Dogs. Currently showing as repeats in the evenings (TVNZ Heartland - SkyTV 17) with Mark Leishman and Dexter the dog as hosts.

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