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19 Questions*

What possible purpose could a Coroner's inquest do in the Bain case?

Was there some money left over from the trial or something?

Does the Bain trial prove re-runs can actually be very popular?

Will the rekindling of tensions in Korea mean a new series of M*A*S*H, or just more re-runs?

How happy must Richard Worth have been to hear the Bain jury had come back early?

How hard is it to find someone willing to f*** for a job these days?

If you had to: Tony Zappia or Richard Worth?

When will I get bored with my iPhone?

What am I supposed to do with Friday nights now that NZ's Next Top Model is over?

Is that the saddest question ever written?

Where's Winston?

How long and expansive is this new Mt Albert motorway that it seems to go through the front yard of every open home I visit?

Does anyone else think Melissa Lee sounds like a visiting rock star when she mentions how she hangs at St Lukes Mall, Kingsland cafes, Gribblehurst Park?

When said she expected to come second in Mt Albert, was she actually being optimistic?

How happy must Melissa Lee have been to have Richard Worth taking the heat for a change?

Finding it hard to stay scared about Swine Flu?

Everyone back to buying cage-reared bacon again?

Has Susan Boyle set a new lap record for Rags-Riches-Rehab?

When we get our new Supercity, can we make our new Knights guard the main gates?

*Not in any way affiliated with 20 questions the game, or Metro's** '20 questions.'

**Metro is a very good magazine though, and you should buy it not least of all to read my interview with 'Green' Dean Williams, former RNZ and bFM environment presenter who is now doing interesting stuff in Cambodia.

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