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Your Relationship With Disability

by Sacha Dylan

A brief background post from me today. It’s often useful to consider how we each relate to disability, so we understand better where one another are coming from. Please think about which of these apply to you (and there may be more than one):

  • (A)  I am a disabled person.
  • (B)  I have a family member who is a disabled person.
  • (C)  I have a friend who is a disabled person.
  • (D)  I have a workmate who is a disabled person.
  • (E)  I do disability-related work.
  • (F)  I have studied disability.
  • (G)  I do not know much about disability but I'm interested.
  • (H) Other - please describe.

Which of those fit for you? (no strings) And how does that shape your thinking?

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