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Big bang theory

Hello! Gosh. Long time no blog, I know. It's been so long – since June last year, in fact, that I hardly know where to begin. So much water under the bridge, so much television into the ether. How was the rest of your 2009? Mine ended with a bang and a whimper. But more of that later.

I like the fact that we can say "twenty-ten" now, instead of that annoying "and" in "2000-and-nine". But what have we got to look forward to in 20-10? Singing and vampires, that's what. Oh, and werewolves. True Blood season three spoilers here, if you can stand it. The show doesn't air until June in the US, but at least fans can enjoy a tasty beverage while they're waiting. You may already know that Wolf is going to play a wolf again.

Prime is the home of vampires, werewolves and ghosts: season one of Being Human screens this year; season two is under way in the UK right now.

As for the singing, Glee doesn't start again in the US until April, but there's a Joss Whedon episode to look forward to with, apparently, Neil Patrick Harris. Glee is just what America needs, according to Vanity Fair's James Walcott. Here's some more fun Glee spoilers!

Looking forward to The Good Wife. Also, Modern Family, which starts tonight (Sunday) on TV3.

Here's what happens when you break your achilles tendon: a) there is a low snapping thud behind you; b) you fall to the ground clutching your ankle; c) certain words are spoken; d) you end up in a succession of casts for eight weeks; e) you sit around in bed with your foot raised so it doesn't swell up and go purple; f) you write a blog. 20-10 so far? Quite shit, although the people are nice. On the upside, new MySky record: 70% free!

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