OnPoint by Keith Ng


How it would work

"And... mark."
"I said mark."
"Mark who?"
"No, you synchronise your watch when I say mark."
"Is he, like, a watch guy?"
".... Just remember that we only have one shot at this and if we don't do it in the next twenty-two minutes, we'll never have the chance again. You remember your job?"
"You got the crowbar?"
"Did you check the gas?"
"The gas. The gas on the torch."
"Oh. Yeah."
"That one."
"That one."
"You're in the wrong lane."
"What? That's the..."
"You're in the wrong lane!"
"But that isn't our..."
"It's that one! Oh, man! Oh! Oh! Oh, man. Oh! You just missed our exit!"
"Should I turn around?"
"It's a motorway. There is nothing we can do. This motorway has ruined everything."
"Oh... do you want to go to the North Shore instead?"
"No, no. I just want to go home."
"But good thing there're no tolls, eh?"

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