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Public Address Word of the Year 2018

The years keep getting weirder, but one thing doesn't change: the Public Address Word of the Year is annually chosen by the people of the internet as the strange light fades into Christmas. Will this year's people's choice be a soothing source of succour, like 2017's Jacindamania? Or a glimpse of the coming dystopia like post-truth? The history goes deep.

This how it works:

- Words are nominated in the discussion for this post. If you want to join in the discussion, you’ll need to register to comment, which will only take a minute. You can make more than one suggestion, but not just reel off all likely contenders in one comment, because that's not really fair. So you can only propose two words or phrases per comment. Try to make a brief argument for your proposed WOTY.

- Eventually, I’ll compile a list of finalists for voting.

- Everyone votes.

- We have a winner!

Did I mention prizes? There are prizes.

Both the first person to propose the winning word and one lucky voter will win a double pass to their choice of shows from Fat Freddy's Drop's boffo summer tour, which runs the length of the motu, from Whangarei to Queenstown, and includes the amazing Western Springs show , featuring not just our friends the Freddies, but Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Norman Jay MBE, Ladi6, Troy Kingi, Silva MC and Logg Cabin. The prizes are fully transferrable, so whether you're spending the summer in Bali or you're just a grinch who can't dance, someone gets to share the love.

Thanks, Fat Freddy's Drop!

Winners will be able to enjoy both beloved, familiar tunes and the new jams they've been rolling out for European audiences:

You don't want to miss this ... so get discussing.

PS: As I've explained in previous years, the law now prevents us giving alcohol as prizes. But I do like to modestly reward the lovely Hadyn Green for his help with the Word of the Year voting forms, and Hadyn really does love the beer, so I'm delighted to say that the excellent new beer shop and tasting room Bottle Stop, in Vinegar Lane, Ponsonby, will be supporting democracy with a brew or two. Thanks Bottle Stop!

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