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    The absence of any announcement on the town hall is characteristic of this. It doesn’t appear in the plan, and rumour suggests that a decision has been made for it to be demolished, yet it makes only some vague comment about it, with no information about land quality, cost, or decision making criteria.

    I haven't heard anything mentioned about the town hall for a long time but I did notice in the video at 00:45 that it had disappeared.

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    I mostly buy books from Whitcoulls or Borders. I don't have a lot of money for book buying so I tend to do online market research surveys and select book voucher cards as my payment. I've noticed, especially in the last few years, that I can go down to Whitcoulls to buy a book and leave empty handed due to there being nothing there I want to read. It was quite good when it became possible to use Whitcoulls cards at Borders as they at least have a slightly better selection.

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  • Field Theory: The Wonder Years,

    I was wondering if Shane Warne had loaned his hair to the team...

    Well, he has loaned it to Doug Bollinger

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    I have this recurring nightmare in which I'm the only person who ends up votig, but I made some weird tactical decision with the list vote and NZ First ends up getting 100%.

    If you gave your electorate vote to someone else NZ First would end up with a mere 99.17%.

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    they could also consider installing turning arrows at some of the many, many intersections in Christchurch where, during peak traffic, it is functionally impossible to turn right without running a red for at least some of the turn.

    This is entirely unscientific, but back when I first started driving in Christchurch (late 80s) people stopped when the light turned amber, so you could do a right turn then. Now though - people keep on going straight through until the lights on the cross street turn green.

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    In many ways this match reminded me of the 2000 Super 12 final, with the French as the Crusaders and the ABs as the Brumbies. On that occasion the teams with no possession and no territory also beat the team with one tactic.

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