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Orcon IRL on Journalism: The Video

We're talking a lot about journalism lately – and we're doing it because journalism is facing something approaching an existential crisis. But that's also the upside of the threat. We're talking about what journalism is  for in a way we tended not to when the skies were blue.

James Littlewood has written up what was by all accounts a very good panel on journalism at the Open Source Open Society conference in Wellington yesterday. On Sunday, I'm helping launch the new Freerange Press book Don’t Dream It’s Over: Reimagining Journalism in Aotearoa New Zealand with a panel at WORD Christchurch (still tickets available!).

And last night we brought together some outstanding individuals to talk about media and journalism at Orcon IRL at the Golden Dawn. Thanks to Orcon for making the budget available to do these things, Matthew and everyone at Golden Dawn for the hospitality, Hugh and his team at 95bFM for the technical excellence of their video work, to our guests and to the crowd on the night for getting into the spirit of it all. And a special word for Leonie Hayden for her debut as co-host. She's the editor of Mana and she's got mana, in spades.

Anyway Hugh's done us a quick edit, without the hour of idle-time at the beginning. It runs to two hours and there are a couple of 10-minute breaks during which which you can enjoy the top selections of our journalistic DJ duo Alan Perrott and Liam Dann.

First up is me interviewing Guyon Espiner about his job, then it's Leonie's brilliant korero with Kirsty and Alex, then an update from Tim Murphy and Mark Jennings about where they're at (which is: getting closer to that new news venture they promised) and then an all-in panel at the end where we talk about what it's all for and answer some audience questions. There are many good thoughts and a few proper laughs along the way.

So ... enjoy!

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