Hard News by Russell Brown



Like most of us, I only ever saw Nelson Mandela on TV. And so, such are my memories. But it's a measure of the man's mythic power that those memories seem so resonant and particular.

Two moments in particular stand out. The first was -- after hearing about this man all my adult life, and only ever seeing photographs of how he was 25 years before -- seeing him released from Robben Island on live TV in 1990. It was hard to believe -- as if a mythic character had suddenly stepped into the real world.

The other was later that year, watching live coverage of the concert in his honour at Wembley Stadium. Mandela came to the front of the stage to speak and, after three solid minutes of cheering, the crowd began to sing 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. Never has that song sounded so resonant. I think I cried.

You will have other thoughts and memories and you are welcome to share them here. Please be respectful of each other.

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