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Fridays are still for the music

The appearance this week of the first track from Jon Toogood's new solo project, The Adults, took me by surprise. I had no idea such a thing existed -- let alone that it included Ladi 6, Shayne Carter, Gary Sullivan and Tiki Taane, all on one track.

But it does, and this is it:

I'm all ears for the forthcoming album. And live shows? Tell me there'll be live shows.

Also tweeted previously, but worth a run here: The big page of Adele remixes. My personal favourite is the High Contrast mix of 'Hometown Glory'. Well, that and the Jamie Xx remix of 'Rolling in the Deep'. Of course.

But wait! There is, literally, more. Like, a really nice house-style mix of 'Rolling in the Deep' by the German producer Hannes Fischer.

And Joe Maz's big dancefloor banger take on the same tune (seriously, this might be the most-remixed song of the year).

And Adele herself, covering The Strokes' 'Last Night'. That's nice.

Meanwhile, I have no real idea what this is about, but apparently it's the "Official Trailer of "Fight For Your Right-Revisited", from the Beastie Boys' long anticipated eighth album, HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE PART TWO.":

Also of note: the Christchurch Quake Relief Album 2011: 63 tracks from all over the world for only $12 from Bandcamp. Includes some crazy-assed remixes/covers of standards.

And a similarly generous benefit album -- this time, of modern electro soul and hip hop -- to support Japan's recovery. It's extremely tasty.

Disasteradio's 'Gravy Rainbow' video has become a meme out there in the world, and Luke himself has consequently become "the straight gay icon I always wanted to be". Here's the video:

And here is Black Man Watches Gravy Rainbow:

And just to keep things indie: from chillblue07's really wonderful YouTube channel, Goblin Mix doing 'Travelling Grave' at the Flying Nun 10th anniversary gig in 1991.

Feel free to add your own. Remember, to embed YouTube clips you just need the URL -- no embed code necessary.

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