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Aspie On

This week's Media7 is close to home for me. We're looking at the new North & South magazine's cover story on Asperger's Syndrome, with the writer, Joanna Wane. Also on the panel, very much "out" Aspie Helen Baxter, and a third person to be confirmed.

The magazine should be in shops tomorrow is in the shops and the story itself is very good (although I'd perhaps not have given vaccine and biomed theories quite the daylight they get) and does an admirable job of explaining the condition and setting it in both an educational and cultural context.

If you'd like to join us at tomorrow's recording, hit Reply and let me know. We'll need you at TVNZ at about 5pm.

The show also ties in with Brain Week, run by the Neurological Foundation, and I'm also chairing a free seminar at Auckland Museum on Thursday evening, 6.30pm to 8pm, featuring lectures by people from Auckland University's Centre for Brain Research. You'll need to book by calling the Museum on 306 7031.

Feel free to discuss.

PS: This seems a good place to note that I'm looking for someone to teach my 15 year-old Aspie son Leo (very bright, school doesn't work for him) a suitable programming or scripting language (perhaps Ruby, using the Why the Lucky Stiff guide, or Lua) and/or some game development basics. Ideally, it'd be at our place during the day, but we can be flexible. Naturally, we'll pay. If you know anyone who can help us, click Reply to let me know.

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