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  • Up Front: Eat Up Your Brothelly,

    There's a limerick in there but I'm just not talented enough to find it

    Bart, here's my effort:

    We want puppies and rainbows and chocolate and poetry
    We want men in muscle shirts- no weeners like pete doherty,
    They'd be sensitive and caring,
    They'd be romantic and sharing,
    Oh where, oh where is this man for me?

    It's left wanting I'm afraid; perhaps the Haiku?

    puppies and rainbows
    chocolate and poetry
    winter is over!

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  • Hard News: Doing Science in Court,

    The other point is that NIWA are public servants. We pay for their work. So they are the ones beholden to us to justify their research.

    Therefore, shouldn't the methodology be easily obtained through an OIA request?

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  • Hard News: Doing Science in Court,

    Giovanni, I think David might be referring to an unpublished paper available from the author's website (due to be published by Atmospheric Science Letters):

    McKitrick, Ross R., Stephen McIntyre and Chad Herman (2010) "Panel and Multivariate Methods for Tests of Trend Equivalence in Climate Data Series" in press at Atmospheric Science Letters.

    The author's provide some background here:

    David, to be honest, it seems like a bit of a waste of time posting about an article like that here- making absolutist claims on the basis of an, as yet, unpublished paper. A paper which the authors themselves have pointed out, has been difficult to find a journal which will publish it. Being a peer-reviewed article doesn't assure that their science is correct either, it simply allows the ideas to be tested in an open forum and to be disputed, disproven, elaborated, or improved upon.

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  • Hard News: The Snappers,

    Not sure whether this is relevant, but these recent examples of photo-bending in the international media might be of interest:



    I've found it interesting that despite the abundance of digital cameras and digital photo-sharing resources, and unlike candid home-videos of certain events (e.g. 9/11) very few amateur photos seem to make it to the news media.

    Another collection of photos which is pretty impressive is the Life Magazine archive- There are quite a few NZ ones obscured from search by mispellings such as 'New Zeland'. I think this one might be Takapuna Beach?

    I don't have an iOS device, but I've been enjoying the herald's travel photos recently- this one on the weekend is a nice example ... I've always thought's travel articles would be some much more enjoyable with more than their miserly inclusions- e.g.

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  • Hard News: Watching the Watchmen,

    You would think that Colbert would be supportive of the release, given his long-running satire around Truthines and Wikiality.

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  • Field Theory: Who says chivalry is dead?,

    Giovanni, I'm not sure either- I think the terms are sometimes used interchangeably in the press, and I can't find anything which says their deaths were definitively attributed to anything- perhaps the local privacy laws prohibit this?

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  • Field Theory: Who says chivalry is dead?,

    As regards blood doping, asides from the whole 'cheating' perspective, there have been allegations since the 70's that the deaths of many international athletes, particularly cyclists, can be attributed to either autologous transfusions or synthetic erythropoeitin (EPO).

    Between 1987, when EPO became available in Europe, and 1990, 18 Dutch and Belgian cyclists died suddenly, many unofficially (as far as I can tell) attributed to blood doping. It may be that with more modern autopsy techniques that we find that many of these deaths were for other reasons, particularly since high-level athletes are a risk for sudden unexplained death.

    The belief is that these techniques increase the risk of clotting (thrombosis). There is good rationale for caution, and there is some evidence to suggest increased clotting in athletes whom have blood-doped.

    However, the rules do not just restrict blood-doping per se, as the formal limit of haematocrit (the proportion of whole blood which is occupied by red blood cells) of 50% in men and 47% in women effectively restricts the 'too-aggressive' use of any of the 'EPO-stimulating' techniques such as altitude training, hypoxic machines ('hypoxicators'), and altitude tents. WADA also banned the use of any intravenous transfusion in 2006, and considered specifically banning altitude tents.

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  • Hard News: Fridays are for Music,

    Janelle Monáe's Tightrope via Bradford Cox

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  • Hard News: The McCully Touch,

    JHC Russell, he actually answered yes to that question- 'Yikes', for that guys wife and daughters.

    Julie Fairey, whilst I agree with your sentiment of reading the post and comments over at NZ Conservative, I don't think that Chris Trotter's post- if you're referring to "Bitter Fruits" ( is in a different category to Lucia's @ NZConservative. Although the follow-up posts are certainly a bit awkward following Chris' post, I don't think they approach the fringe of ol' Big Boar's at "On Protectors, Predators - and Prey".

    There can be a respectable spectrum of opinions in debating abortion ethics and law, I don't think there can ever be a respectable conversation had about the liability of a rape victim for their rape.

    At some point Russell, I think it would be great to see Steve Chadwick's proposal discussed on media 7. There is a generation of us in NZ now who have grown up essentially with 'abortion on demand', and many who have probably had their principals challenged by their own life experiences on the matter- I think my generation sees legal abortions as a given, in the same was as decriminalised homosexuality.

    Steve Barnes, is that video a take on Justin Timberlake's "Dick In A Box" (, or vice versa?

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  • Hard News: And some cat from Japan ...,

    Does metro have an online version of the magazine? I'd be keen to subscribe to it (and willing to pay for it), even in PDF form.

    The physical mag (, though nice and uniquely large in size (and definitively Metro), is a bit clumsy and not ideal for shipping to Aus each month...

    I wonder whether there's room for someone to setup an 'ibook' NZ magazine section (real groove, metro...), minimizing the transition to ebook subscriptions for publishers and maybe utilising DRM for the paranoid. Maybe this already exists?

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