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A welcome return - and pirates!

We have two topics on Media7 this week. One is the return of Canterbury Television after the traumatic loss of 15 staff when the broadcaster's building collapsed on February 22.

Jose Barbosa has been in Christchurch compiling a report, and I'll be talking to CTV's young reporter Emily Cooper -- who was spared because she was out of the office on a job -- and Christchurch screen producer Veronica McCarthy, who is working on an NZ On Air-backed documentary on the earthquakes and their aftermath.

The help that has flowed in to CTV since its plight became known at the the New Zealand dinner at the recent MIPTV trade show in Cannes is pretty remarkable. Fourteen international production companies, including Endemol and Mark Burnett Productions (Survivor, the Apprentice). They'll be contributing to a proposed weekend festival of family TV being coordinated here by Gibson Group. Meanwhile, Maori Television has given CTV four hours a day of national broadcast time.

The second part of the show will be an interview with Tommy Fergusson, the 22 year-old founder of the Pirate Party of New Zealand, which is on a drive to get the 500 financial members required for registration with the Electoral Commission before this year's election. Their efforts have been given impetus by the revelation in the Wikileaks "Wellington Cables" that the US government lobbied ours after the controversial Section 92A was withdrawn from 2008's copyright amendment bill.

And Jose Barbosa looks at the return of the Polaroid camera.

If you'd like to join us for this evening's recording, we'll need you to come to the Victoria Street entrance of TVNZ between 5.15 and 5.40. As ever, try and drop me a line to let me know you're coming.

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